First Drive: 2011 BMW 1-Series M Coupe

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Automobile Magazine BMW 1-series M Coupe review featuring an M3-driving poser, many destroyed tires, and a very nerdy BMW engineer. Oh, and a teensy rant abo…


Samzilla says:

Why does anyone care if I or anyone else buys their m3 in manual or dct.
Buy what you like, sounds a little ridiculous for someone to tell me I made
the wrong choice by buying and automatic or manual. I prefer manual but, if
you live in Nyc like I do automatic is a much better buy. 

Stephen Uy says:

Tries too hard to be funny. 

Omid x says:

funny and interesting

Stephen Uy says:

Stupid conclusion to the video. Why not just get a manual m3? This video is
more about dct vs manual not the 1m vs m3. You need to fire this Adam
Sandler wannabe. 

Shelby175 says:

@Chaser350Z Being that im in the automotive industry, You will be asking
that same exact question when that transmission decides to fail on you one
day, where you will be stuck replacing the transmission, instead of a very
possible rebuild of a manual. I have seen soooo many Automatic
transmissions fail, I will never own an Automatic Trans equipped Vehicle

TheParone says:

I find him annoying.

05Chrysler300c says:

@VoLtzNorthAmerica So what if he is?

der_eismann says:

dude you’re hilarious :D let’s start a petition for M3s with manual
shifting… even though I won’t be able to drive it within the next 10-20

djinguelian says:

Ppl need to stop QQing about auto transmissions. If you dont like it dont
buy it.

Defiant031636 says:

This video isn’t even remotely funny, they just take the auto vs manual
thing way too far. We get it, you don’t like manual, however others out
there didn’t grow up in a “car focused household” and were not taught to
drive with a clutch from an early age. I grew up learning on auto trucks, a
few years ago some friends taught me to drive stick but I would still buy
an auto because I find it a much more enjoyable (less jerky, and more
mature) driving experience.

Daniel Mirzotti says:

Who is this guy? Finally someone who hates automatics as much as I do.

fldoc1 says:

Most of this presenter’s rants are entertaining but not informative. What
he should be talking about is the inherent weakness in the N54 engine
during track duty. Like all 3 Series with this engine (ie. 335is
currently), the 1M Coupe will suffer from overheated turbos and subsequent
leach of power when pushed hard round a track. Sure the car is great for
the boy racers on the street who want to drift/autocross but look at the
car/engine BMW uses for the ALMS series…not this one.

SiRHumpAlot924 says:

Lol i love the shirt!

fusion01wp says:

excellent guys, a good laugh and keep up the original and creative work! :)

KyleOutrage says:

Why don’t the same individuals which complain about automatic transmissions
also bemoan power steering and power brakes? Hell, it was once popular to
complain about ABS systems, now it’s considered a necessity on most
performance vehicle. If you believe your personal choice of a transmission
makes you more or less of a driver you’re just as big of a poseur as you
claim others are.

05Chrysler300c says:

@depellerinluc Gays and Crossdressers are two different things. You ig’nant.

Wesley Hannibal says:

Anyone know what mpg we can expect to get from this car (hopefully a lot
better than the 20 combined of the m3)

Shabec2982 says:

Sorry, I ment DCT :)

omegaslast says:

why do you spend HALF THE VIDEO talking about fucking automatics? just
review the car. BTW, i drive a stick and prefer sticks, so no you cant just
ad hominem my argument away. oh and get a better mic, yours sucks.

denim vault says:

@ellisfreedman who said I like the gtr? I like the evo. Yes it has
technology. where would you be without technology? still rubbing sticks and
stones together instead of wasting youtube bandwidth

ApexIXMR says:

Although I’m not really a fan of current BMWs, I agree with everything said
on this video. Great job.

Alex P says:

man I love the internet. Before I bought my E92 M3, I thought anything but
manual was for losers. The thing is, now, I wouldn’t buy an M3 without it.
The differences are obvious and well documented, strengths and weaknesses
in both, but I bet 80+% of you would come away liking DCT over maunal. And
that’s from real life experience, not internet dreams

Foulkahn says:


πTech says:

Really great video! Absolutely right about automatic transmission!

vothry says:

This shit is hilarious, keep it up.

fusion01wp says:

@yakadee1 LOL at you for taking all of this so seriously. It’s a fucking
car – get over yourself. The review was all to be taken lightly in humour –
completely missed on you it seems.

Alex Fuglaar says:

This is one of the best car videos I have ever seen on youtube. Thanks guys.

denim vault says:

you fucking gay spick. do you realize women drive m3s and they can’t shift?
and i’m pretty sure the DCT will shave a few seconds per lap and get your
better mpgs. which is important for every piece of shit who buys a bmw in
the first place. you want a sports car, buy an Sti, or Porcshe.

AmericanPetrolhead says:

@umadbrow Whatever. You win. I’m not gonna argue with some dumbass about
DCT v. Manual, when you don’t even know how to drive a manual. Why are you
even getting so defensive? Why do you care what some stranger on youtube
thinks of you? Why are you even watching this video anyways? It’s not like
you can even drive a 1M because of the big bad manual it has that scares
the hell out of you. I’d say someone should put some vagisil on you because
you are one irritated pussy.

slamo hood says:

this guy reminds me of adam sandler

Chaser350Z says:

@Shelby175 Not to get technical but 1M not M1. Also I would buy the new 1M
over the M3 regardless of cost. The new M3 is getting too big. I would
prefer the DCT but its not worth buying the M3 over.

TheDanzinger says:

I dont get it.. americans drive automatic, in europe their are 30%
automatic cars.. perhaps in fact we even CAN drive without automatic,
americans need a special licence for it. LOL

That BMW Nut says:

This guy needs to be on American top gear.

chopper82p says:

this is bull shit. i one an m3 dct, what this dumb ass calls automatic.
guess what, its an automated clutch that is not an auto. it a manual
transmission with an auto mode. and it can shift faster than any human that
ever lived and ever will live. no m3 doesnt come in automatic, dumb ass.

sethy1 says:

lol at not having an F1 Transmission.

Tornike Kiknavelidze says:

I didn`t know Adam Sandler loved cars

chopper82p says:

@nate5388 funny how you assume im uneducated just bc im not trying to type
right. i dont need to waste my time. if i want to type fast i can. u
obviously dont understand that youtube comments arent meant to be typed as
if i were writing an essay. Ha i have a civic? i didnt know that last time
i checked i just drove home in my clutch-less manual E92M.

Redfox says:

Your the one they are talking about in the video. Go hard or GO HOME….

cosamuel says:

Right on. Love the commenters defending their autotragics. Face it guys,
you pansied out if you went auto.

Verren says:

Haha, Jason you da man!

Daniel Mirzotti says:

You missed the point he made. If it doesn’t have a clutch pedal and an
H-shifter, then it’s an automatic. Even if that sounds “politically
incorrect” I agree with him.

Ellis Freedman says:

@thedenimvault GTr fans a generally one-minded individuals who only care
about stats & overlook the fact that not everyone buys a sports car because
of that. What do you think when you see someone driving an old Porsche?
Cars with less techno can bring a different style of enjoyment that cars
jam packed with driver aids can’t replicate, like the Gtr. Don’t
hyperbolize what I say. Automotive purists & journalists prefer cars with
as little interference from computers as possible.

Javaris Jamar Javarison-Lamar says:

Don’t speak for many others when you say that technology improvements
render a car less fun to drive. You want more involvement? That’s perfectly
fine and reasonable. You just got smoked by the tech nanny granny? That’s
cool too. Deal with it.

nate5388 says:

@chopper82p i wish you could have just put “clutch-less manual” at the
beginning of that comment so i could just ignore the rest, since it’s also
a load of shit. but anyway, enjoy your car. just don’t pretend the DCT is
anything other than a glorified automatic.

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