First Drive: 2015 BMW X5 M – 575 hp – Good exhaust sound!

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The new M TwinPower Turbo engine for the BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M is the most powerful unit ever developed by BMW for an all-wheel-drive vehicle. Boasting innov…


Gangreen167 says:

This is how the M3/M4 should sound like!!!

benben benxd says:

Doesn’t sound like a normal V8 !!! What is the engine of that beast ?

NihselAuto says:

Seriously. My 2015 GL550 sounds waayyy better than this. Nice redesign

Plus if I get the GL63 AMG, I can get tune to 577 hp from the dealer. 

joedogg9836 says:

it sounds like two 4-cylinder engines, and not like a v8. 

Wubb8t says:

Sounds like a WRX V4

Bin Zhao says:

A very sporty, dynamic car. But is not as aggressive as the last generation
x5m. The last generation was so aggressive every time I saw the dude
driving it it was like “F yeah I’m so rich I’m gonna run you over and not
going to jail.” XD 

Hefyx says:

Looks way way better than the X6M, X6M is a fail :/

ezvue says:

Thanks Classy2006 for explaining the exhaust sound.
Brutal. Sounds like an econocar.
Jeep SRT is the way to go.

TheEasyontheeyes says:

Bmw needs better designers

Hilma Terpe says:

The X5/6 have only one locking differential, right ?

Rajeev Sahu says:

Rims need to be bigger. 

TheAppreciative1 says:

I wonder how this would compete with the porsche cayenne’s top model? 

Rollando55 says:

after watching several 2015 X5M and X6M videos…… I hear a distinctively
deeper growl from the X5, as well as louder transmission shifts. 

Reef Man says:

I don’t even need porn hub after this. 

leo messi says:

That engine is sooo thuggish

meshal quteshat says:

Bmw did great job, start from design and powerful engine, you can smell the
successful of this car, Bmw kill market SUV sports car.

NikoBell12 says:

I love it!

Kh Wong says:

this one is much move lovely than the X6

Alex Sur says:

awful exhaust sound…like subaru 

0dq0 says:

BMW are among few out there who fake exhaust sounds. That’s the major

akell2 says:

0:23 weid mirrors.

Sadik Shabani says:

Soo love it.

Ahmet Tasdemir says:

Very Good !

Toro Seduto says:


Wideolink says:


Seve Turnbull says:


Jort Rinket says:

Great sound.
What a beast of a car

Филипп Верейкин says:


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