First Drive: Audi A3: PowerDrift

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The Audi A3 Sedan is likely to be Audi’s weapon of choice against the Mercedes Benz A class and the BMW 1 Series. We are here at Udaipur for the launch of #T…


shampavmancg says:

i love the way you guys conduct the review.
But if you can lose that background music it would be even better.
I would like to hear what you guys say clearly and the music is almost
always there as an obstruction.
please think about it

Anand Thakur says:

worst Powerdrift review so far!

Ninad Shirdhankar says:

Awesome car!!!! Must buy for young ppl like us!

powerdriftofficial says:

The Audi A3 Sedan is likely to be Audi’s weapon of choice against the
Mercedes Benz A class and the BMW 1 Series. We are here at Udaipur for the
launch of #TheNextBigAudi. Here’s a first drive impression about the car..

Speedy95 says:

7:44 lol +powerdriftofficial what non petrol heads would consider lol good
the vfx team have a sense of humor, great review though 

Kenneth john says:

give me free

Harsh Manchanda says:

brilliant car, but sadly, the same engine range with great dynamics are
also available in the much cheaper Jetta and Octavia :/

Rioz Sayed says:

which bank give quick loan to buy this

Kanwar Anand says:

Superb vs a3?

Kaushik Kamble says:

Decent Review..
Is the location Lavasa?

Gaurav Sharma says:

PD – how in the world did you do this trick (or is it a trick in the first
place :-)) ?.
At video track points 1:07, 1:08 and 1:09 the DRLs of your test mule A3
flashed alternately. How did you do that ? I can’t seem to figure it out on
my A4 (Premium (not premium plus)). See if you can educate me, or I should
put it this way – pls enlighten me :-). Thx in advance.

Kanwar Anand says:

Test drove this today….oh my god. If the backseat was decent…I don’t
know guys,,,someone please help and advise. What other good sedans in this
mid 20 range guys. Considering attraction model.

Siddhesh Rane says:

1:28 that is something WOW :) 

Anukul Wankhede says:


Supreet Sachdeva says:

They should have launched 1.4 Petrol and 1.6 Diesel engine variants, Their
pricing would have been competitive then. Also why they want to compete
with hatchbacks of Merc and BMW. Audi is using Jetta engine 2.0 TDi 140 bhp
engine, why not bring more engine options, compete and beat all the likes
of Chevy Cruze, Jetta, Corolla, Elantra. It would have been a complete wipe
out! Hoping India gets all variants of engine that Audi India give to
international markets.

ijustcoolin says:

Ground clearance Ground clearance Ground clearance Ground clearance Ground
clearance Ground clearance Ground clearance Ground clearance Ground
clearance Ground clearance Ground clearance Ground clearance Ground
clearance Ground clearance Ground clearance Ground clearance Why dont you
talk about it ? Isnt that impo ? For safety of car or driver 

Krishna Prasad says:

Audi A3: Thats great and affordable 

M Niranjan Reddy says:

The Octavia feels more luxurious n spacious compared to A3 . the Octavia
gives you more space than an A4. Also . I think you should do a comparo bwt
these two

Harit Bharadwaj says:

I have got the same oakley….hahaa

Shubh Dasgupta says:

Always impressed with the quality of video’s you guys upload. Just forgot
that Audi is pronounced as “Ow-dee” and not “Audi” :) 

sathya kick says:

the bgm used in this video has also been used while reviewing kawasaki
ninja zx-14r …………………..

raghu ch says:

Mercedes CLA can make this audi sweat !!!

SHYAM LAL Dadhichi says:

can you do one review on mahindra xuv w8…??

Soham Mayekar says:

Ten Hut must be cursing his fate now!!! Charles and Sagar lucky gringos!!

Jac says:

this car needs a review like this… Wooow

Rahul Bhatnagar says:

Bm1 is better any day 

Saneesh V.S says:

1st to watch

yash dixit says:

the limited slip diff is new in the segment but not really needed in this
car because as charles said it was more pointed towards comfort and LSD are
really helpful in fast and tight corners and not many people might drive
this fast into a corner considering there might be a cow there at the end
of the corner but they are really useful in mud and gravel which is
abundant in our conditions
the amount of kit given in this car is really mind boggling if and only if
it doesnt break the 25 lakh barrier otherwise it wont be such a bargain
because you get the octavia with the same engine and almost most of the kit
but costs around 21ish lakhs so lets see all depends on the price

but for an enthusiast a pretty good city car

but then i dont get audi people they gave this car an LSD and then they
gave it soft suspension thats like putting sugar in a hot curry. They
shouldve decided what they wanted this car to become a good handling sedan
or a comfortable sedan. like BMW knows that it wants all of its cars to
handle well so they give all their cars really stiff suspension and now
they handle well but they crash into potholes and bumps like all hell has
broken loose.

its still a pretty good city car but its a bit confusing :p

umesh tilak says:

Nice review. … loved the SAT NAV screen popping out of the dash….the
arrow head DRL’s are also quite stylish …. but as u guys have mentioned
handling has to be top class if we are driving an Audi …. looking forward
to the detailed review…. cheers

Chaitanya Vedak says:

I would like to see the Roohaani Taqat of Satyen, to Emerge from the Boot
like that..

Binay Siddharth says:

+powerdriftofficial : guys can we have a comparison between A3 and Octavia
: I am aware that the Badge of AUDI holds superior to Skoda, but that would
be something which would be interesting like the one you did for Ninza and

Devaansh Patra says:

Hey wheres the z800 review?

Akheel Ugwekar says:

audi is gonna definately gonna take a pie from this segment

rishabh neb says:

@Ten Hut … Why man .. Why did you have to go down at this time? :(
Feeling really bad for you! I have been waiting for more than an year for
the launch of this car.
I specially went to Auto Expo 2014 for just this car.
I sooo wanted you to do the Hands on ( review ) for the car, Charles and
Sagar got lucky this time.

Pls pls pls, I beg you to do a detailed or petrol vs diesel review where
@Ten you are the host. The way you do the review, no one else can, u r
simply awesome.
I tend to fall in love with every car, that you do a review of. PLS PLS do
a review for the
#NextBigThingByAudi :D
Planning to buy it real soon. (Y)

The3dsGeek says:

charles looks like a hobo

Kaushik Biswas says:

awesome car n cool video!!

brijesh7eq says:

Audi just launched new range that delight to those who want comfort with
refine engine that seems to feel good in drive.

Anirudh Sriram says:

+powerdriftofficial Really nice video and the insight from Charles was
really good !
Cheers ! :)

rino raj says:

awesome review guys #powerdriftofficial – but can u guys plz tell me the
best affordable luxury sedan available in india as of now …. around 30Lk
price bracket !

sai kiran sahu says:

Where is the main man … miss Him :P

TheEvaAddict says:

Good review..liked it..thanks for adding Mr. Sheldekar and Mr. Pennefather
here and keeping Mr. Ritwik Bhatt away..missed Mr. Albal but Mr.
Sheldekar’s presentation matches all along..!!

gowtham tadi says:

what will be the on-road price..?

hoping…. not to crossing the 30lacs bracket

Sajo Joseph says:

Hi team at PD, long time viewer, infrequent commenter.
I think you guys do a far better job of hosting than Ten Hut does. (It’s
nothing personal, Ten Hut, I honestly stop watching his reviews very often)
I think Charles and Sagar should get way more airtime than Ten Hut.

Mani Prashanna says:

Wonderful Review…

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