Full Throttle : New Audi RS 4 Avant (Option Auto)

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Audi RS4 Avant – V8 FSI de 450 ch – 43.8 mkg à 4 000 tr/mn – 0 à 100 km/h en 4.7 s – Vmax : 250 km/h – Boîte S tronic à 7 rapports – Poids : 1 795 kg – Juin …


Cherry BHz says:

sound like bmw e90 m3 !

RGA1 says:

Holy Moly. Best car ever

Doo dje says:

Yes, it doesn’t have exactly 450hp, of course it pouds more than 1800 kg,
but shit look at this car, amazing front and it does 0 to 60 in 4,7 sec,
and it can go until 290 km/h !!

B666FLO says:

I don t wanna sound stupid.But it ‘slow’ for 450 hp,with all that
tech,lightness etc.Anyway great car !!!

Vlad Mit says:

pretty drunk eh

TwisteofFate says:

The C63 AMG is better!!!

ahiki01 says:

Bmw is’nt worse,but is too “tired”.he made good cars,but audi made more
quality cars :)

Ben Steele says:


Barry Kant says:

what do you mean? it’s an automatic..

WoZIMoo says:

Sound doesn’t really have to do with the turbos, the new Audi twin-turbo 4L
sounds almost the same as the old 4.2. Also, I know the RS4 and the M5 are
in different leagues, I was referring to the sound being nicer. Finally, I
think the C63 is the best sounding out of the 3, with a meaty-sounding 6.2,
it has a beautiful, rugged V8 sound.

J0lker says:

starting with a fag

MikeRelvasR8 says:

It is more powerful than the M3… And the DIRECT RIVAL for the M3 is the

Ben Steele says:

New M5 sucks. Old one was amazing in sound

florian78820 says:

une m5 c’est comparable avec une rs6 pas une rs4 !!!!!!!!!!!! comparé une
s3 avec une m6 pendent que vous y êtes !!!!!! pi si tu compare mes une rs6
et une m5 votre m5 elle verra pas le jours

Zhawaii41 says:

Pure and perfect sound

Alexgotnicebody says:

revs really high. nice video.

jojjinuya says:


DavvLife says:

wtf rs4 2007 and 2012 not have a diferrence *-*

Razeiken says:

Bother? All I said was the E60 sounded a lot better.

EuroN says:

Never late to school.

Palo Alto says:

BMW and AUDI are both different cars with a different caracter. How would
you react when I say my girlfriend fucks better then yours? Ps: it’s just a
matter of saying. Greetz.


nice aggressive note!!

samibalan88 says:

R Pffff$f.%Uiljnhqbnjiiojjj

123bever says:

Audi also uses the engine sound over stereo in this car ;)

simix1000 says:

aaaah you……. its slow, this car isnt all about speed, i men look at it,
its a masterpiece, the symphony of the engine sound ….. i dont give a
shit if bmw or mercedes will get from 0-100 kmh second faster, this car and
all AUDI cars have a character,soul like Alfa Romeo, its so elegent and
strong and heavy…. if your car is all about speed, and drifting and
burning tires all that shit, yes you should buy BMW or Mercedes….


Turbo missing, as in the first RS4! :(

MsPietpaaltjes says:

does it matter where you from to have knowledge about cars?

puchomoreno says:

indeed S-tronic is the dsg on steroids.. handles more N*m, but base design
is the same..

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