(HD) Audi S6 V10 INSANE Exhaust and Custom Wheels – AMS Autowerks

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2008 Audi S6 5.2 liter V10 engine. 2 piece 20″ wheels, staggered at the back. Custom exhaust setup done by AMS Autowerks. No mufflers, 2 resonators, deleted …


Aaron Diamond says:

I like the non front liscense plate but otherwise bad whip 

Ryan C says:

Those wheels look terrible ! They look like Wal mart Specials . So much for
nice wheels. Go get some real wheels . Custom HRE’s or Rotiforms.

KUTTER29662 says:

Daaamn dude before me sounds like a hatin’ ass bitch! Wheres your car

Nice Audi

KT Sounds says:

I Love the V10!

3sevenMustang says:

Sounds beautiful.

Hen zo says:

Really nice car

Andrew J says:

Those wheels aren’t helping anything.

Chernobyl Pethagorean says:

Good lord, I have a half chub.

sgfreak96 says:

It’s the same engine as a gallardo but still sounds a bit different

Lukas Fankhauser says:

what a monstter

Herr Bubu says:

This is Michael from GTA V ! ;-)

swansmeister says:

ugly wheels wtf

Rene Bravo says:

That is bad ass

Jose Duran says:

what kind of exhausts do you have? ive been searching but I haven’t been
able to find what I like and i’m likening this one a lot.

richard grenovo says:

I thought it’d be quicker

DumBPredator says:

sounds beaut!

sangha prabhdeep says:


ben sten says:

Wheels suck. Otherwise great car!!

Kenneth Wilson says:

sounds just like a gallardo!

rene grondzi says:

it gave me chills

Drawulf says:

This is my dream car im getting a red 2007 s6 next year 

henri brad says:

looks like Michael’s cars of GTA 5 aha

ben sten says:

Blacked out grille sucks. Dulls the car.

WiciusFsw says:

perfect car 

grassm5 says:

cool sound and acceleration

Сергей Голубев says:

звук песня!

Johnatan Haschlamitrailleuse says:

1.34mn :O

Nic0le1213 says:

So lucky!

marcinx89 says:

how much average does v10 consume on 100km/h ??

ben sten says:

Really needs another 80hp 

iNeverWillSurrender says:

mph ?

jackmelvin says:

literally the best sound ive ever heard..

Puhovac11 says:

wher can i buy that xhaust? :=)

98Mpower says:

@maserati48 Nvr mind, I spoke to AMS. They are going hook me up. Same set
up but a little more quiet and a ecu tune.

MrCleanPolo says:

Badass Audi bro. And you’re from Jersey too, nice!!!!!!!

sammydub34 says:

How could you dislike this video? Oh what… prius owners

thatonechico13 says:

why does everyone hate automatic cars?

andyb0x says:

Now that is how a sedan should sound

GeorgyBoy says:

Beautiful car

Bailey6954 says:

Damn! Awesome!

TheCompyshop says:

I feel all dirty now.

Max Williams says:

almost sounds like a v8.

Burr Ball says:

at first i was mmm not bad. but at 0:57 DAMN!!!

Антон Синдеев says:

По нашему. ЗАЕБИСЬ!

creamyfilling102 says:

it somehow sounds good and terrible at the same time. i’m so confused here.

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