How to make the perfect BMW M3 –

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A new BMW M3 will arrive in 2014, but what should it be like? Steve Sutcliffe puts three of its predecessors through their paces at Brands Hatch to find the …


gerrar46 says:

E46 best M3 ever made 

William Seroyer says:

America never got the CSL Steve, we got a “Competition Package” that adds
CSL wheels, CSL steering rack, and CSL Drilled rotors. So the CSL was never
available with a manual gear box. 

max kors says:

i wish the paddle shifters would have ended back then. now they’re on
everything coming out. I hate em.

kattlikzm says:

why isn´t the e36 m3 shown?!?

kuruptzZz says:

well the new M3 is here and it’s awesome…I’ve only seen several videos on
it, but so far it seems the only things that would make it perfect is a V8
engine and hydraulic steering…although the V6 is still sexy as hell and
the steering hasn’t had complaints thus far

carmelloangels says:

Smg rubbish my ass. You just cant drive it.

阿布啾 says:

comment below = wrong, gear ratio, steering ratio, weight reduction (rear
glass, roof, interior, seats, navi, blah blah blah), intake manifold, etc,
all different, not just taking rear seats and ac out…and in fact, if I
recalled it right, you can ask them to put ac and stereo back in for free
when u buy it…

BMW Alpina says:

Sadly the CSL was offered only with the SMG transmission ;-

1954telecaster says:

the CSL was the exact same as a standard M3 just minus the rear seat and
air conditioner…

Chris Shaw says:

How to make the perfect M3…

Ali Alsaeedi says:

What about the E36 :/

max kors says:

the e46 was the last great bmw. Cars now are worthless over technical
boring lame as robotic devices. They’ve totally missed the point of cars.
Pretty soon we won’t even be allowed to drive ourselves. They’ll all be
automated with cameras inside to monitor us.

Motoicon says:

Not to mention such clean lines. As the years go on, they alwyas turn
performance cars into tanks. I have an 88 and a 97. Love them both for
different reasons

DJ Grant says:

Why talk about the CSL if you’re going to neglect the E92 Performance pkg?
Whatever, they’re all amazing cars. Top notch German engineering.

TooneySonic says:

The CS was sold in the UK too. I’ve driven them side by side, trust me it
just does not compare to the CSL at all. Big improvement on the standard
car I agree with the sharper rack & susp.. The CS was more of an E46 M3 Evo
than a CSL. He clearly refers to a US CSL in the video

bmwmpower95 says:

the e36 was not shit, It was one of the best made with driver performance
in mind. Everyone rags on it but truthfully the e46 m3 is the worst one and
the only one with a recall(s) still a great car but if you want a real
drivers car e30 m3 or e36 m3 are the best in my opinion

filmempfehlungen says:

in germany e36 is a fucking bad car…just turks drive it..

KPaccountt says:

Finally, a real car enthusiast :)

c32amgftw says:

This guy makes some boring car reviews

Rx7nator says:

The E36 was absolute SHYTE!

REVO515 says:

lol i bet next thing will be awd

skillfull26 says:

Smg was the only gear box in csl

Robbert P says:

Well thats nice and all, its just a blessing nobody remembers those
ridiculous, uncomfortable, slow and absolutely hideous cars of the 90′s.
But im sorry I cannot understand understand your use of punctuation. You’re
using quotation marks twice in the same quote. And god you’re fucking
stupid, when I used the quote “racing is not just in a straight line” I was
quoting what you just said after you gave me 0-60 times. You’re
contradicting yourself, just stop, you look really fucking retarded.

nevadausa2011 says:

haha lol wow you know nothing about the E36, the E36 was the best handling
cars of the 90s and its was better than any other car for its class than
any other car. go do your research body

carlos fandango says:

so the e46 has a wanky slushbox?? case closed, e36 all the way

Robbert P says:

The E30 was miles better than the E36. (:

Robbert P says:

The reason they didn’t include it is because it was a piece of shit. (:

trublu97 says:

” (There is no 944 turbo S lol)” Keep talking. That foot in your fat mouth
is looking better and better. The porsche 944 turbo S could out handle, out
accelerate, out brake, out look the e30M back in the day on its worst day.
No contest. With a mild tune it can run with the e46M! Sorry..if you are
looking for a “M fanboy” look elsewhere. I tell it like it is. And How many
races did the mighty e30M win against the 911? oh, yeah.. porsche was in a
different class. And I agree.

cnscm2614 says:

man you say some pretty smart stuff. i got one an i love it

balla says:

I think the actual problem is, that you cant sell a car these days with
less Power than other cars, and you just can get these Powerrates with a
Turbocharger! most people today are buying an M3 to look good at the near
Ice shop, but not to drive fast around the track, this is the problem you
cant sell these old M3 E30 great Idea these days it isnt “in time” or in
the “trend” i think there are no better cars then the Old E30 or Merc W201

Dr. Weird says:

I never could understand why the E36 was the unsung car. It, in my mind,
was the most beautiful behind the E30. I don’t think it deserved the lack
of attention it got.

garyw35 says:

they didn’t mate, he’s talking bollocks as usual.

coolcarman555 says:

I love Brands Hatch, it’s the best track I’ve ever been to.

max kors says:

the e90 looks like a pudgy bottle nosed dolphin. The e46 looks like a mako
shark. Way cooler.

Max Lindner says:

Is it Chris Harris who is the commentator? O.o

methaman1 says:

Are you retarded? The e30 m3 is one of the most if not THE most successful
production car(s) ever raced. “Badly modded stock e30″?? Nice way to talk
out of your ass… P.S. Forget my first question. You are obviously a
complete idiot and/or know NOTHING about cars. (There is no 944 turbo S lol)

Joe Martin says:

It’s because there’s no side vents.

Carlitox b says:

E30>E36>E92>E32 my opinion

nevadausa2011 says:

well you can be a bad speller and still dominate someone like you.
everything else was slow? hah the C43 AMG had a 0-60 time of 5.7 second,
that’s a car you would compare to the E36. Audi was slow, well lets see,
the C4 S4had a 0-60 time of 6.0 sec B5 S4: 5.6 seconds. but wait a minute
racing is not just in a straight line, ooops. well look there’s a corner,
the E36 shines in every way, corners, speed, design, material quality, etc.
you just don’t like it because that’s your opinion.

isMaex says:

Sorry Steve: The CSL was never sold in the States, the SMG 2 is excellent
for the track and fast driving outside the city, and the steering in the
E30 is fine for a 80s car, but not nearly as delicate as the steering in
the CSL.

seph95 says:

1:34 “…If nothing else, it proves that: to have fun, and to feel good
behind the wheel of an [M3], you DON’T need to be going that fast…”
Sounds like you could replace “M3″ with the Toyobaru twins and still make
sense! In comparison’s to today’s high-tech M3′s, the closest you can get
to feeling that same E30 feel, is the twins.

ray830527 says:

Stupid google adverts!!!!!!!!

baujahr90er says:

because it wasn THAT good ;)

trublu97 says:

The E36 probably dominated its era more than the other M3′s. In the mid
nineties it could out handle anything this side of a ferrari 360, out
accelerate muscle cars, carry 4 people, and get 28 MPG highway. Run with
911′s, vets… The e30 is popular mostly because it was limited production
car. the 944S, turbo, Turbo S blasted that car off the the time it
looked mostly like a badly modded up stock E30. The E30 has aged the best,
however. That boxy retro looks better now then it did

rukeye says:

No e36?

fabaum22 says:

No, you are just saying your opinion, and you are wrong, and you should get
over it. The e90 and it’s variants aren’t more extreme. They’re not road
going racing cars like the E30, or uncompromised track cars like the CSL,
they’re just an executive toy with a good engine on it. More power doesn’t
equal to a better car. It never did, it never will.

fabaum22 says:

My money is on how it’ll be less and less of a driver’s car. Internet
connection, speakers playing the sound of the engine, lots of really heavy
unnecessary electronic bullshit like the F10 m5 and any other automotive
‘no, no’ that you can think of. The e90 having the same weight as an small
off-roader is bad enough already.

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