Ironman Audi R8 V8 Review: Living With a Supercar

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Episode 1 is the Review of the Ironman R8!! Including the Exhaust, Wrap, Projex UK wheels and More! Tune in! Subscribe and follow our journey:…


Archit Lal says:

There’s a thing called a SuperChip, they install it in your engine it for
around £150 and it can increase you performance by around 100bhp. Check it

Cornwall1888 says:

So what does this guy do for a living?

jiska 111111111111111 says:

Why is it copyright when it is public music and availible for everybody?

Plumpy says:

The steeringwheel is so ugly. You need to change it. ASAP. Even the Golf
GTI got a better wheel.

FPSGUC says:

What’s the Instagram for your channel Paul?

Ricky Julian says:

The exhaust is a power upgrade, I would be surprised if it took power away

My Stoner Mind says:

Just one question I’ve been wondering for a while, how hot do your leather
seats get? Hot enough you feel the need to turn them down when they’re on
maximum, or are they comfortable?

Dodge Charger 1970 says:

Why do you turn the valves off can’t you just keep it on?

Azi Zahid says:


MegaBoss123A says:

You drove past the UNI of Hertfordshire! I can’t believe I missed seeing
your car :D
I would have happily skipped one lecture to see and hear the R8.

Supercarsofbelgium says:

The armytrix exhaust just makes a crazy sound! Looking forward to the new

Danush 2012 says:

Wrap it black chrome with blue lines ir red lines on the edges like the
tron aventador +Supercars of London 

XCARFilms says:

What brilliant customisations you have made on this car Paul, great work!

JBB013 - Supercar Videos says:

No speed limits were broken in the making of this video ;) nice vid Paul

Gregory Taylor says:

Get an F10 M5

SpotterJacob says:

That felt fast for a 40mph

JaysEcho says:

Can’t wait to see the new wrap.

sugarsaint says:

Y ARE YOU TALKING NEXT TO A MAIN ROAD? com’on Paul your a pro now. great
vid tho and love the speedo footage hilarious !

joy syed says:

To be honest, it looked wicked when it was Silver on black 

TheCarGuy18 says:

I think that a perfect ‘supercar’ would be the Oakley design Lamborghini
Aventador LP-760-2, and yes it is 2 wheel drive. :)

SupercarsAntwerp says:

11:07 Red F-Type Coupe!!

Michael Renardson says:

A fantastic video and a great car, can’t wait to see you down the line in a
Mclaren or Ferrari keep up the great videos!

Jayfer Zahir says:

the cars passing by are making me go crazy.

CARspective says:

You could trade up to an R8 V10 for your next supercar.

Reinhardt Stroh says:

Can’t believe that engine is going through gears like that but struggling
to manage 40 mph…lol dat editing!

adrian seewald says:

are all of those decals sponsors?

Nibblingss says:

13:00 Your definately doing the speed limit, old top gear trick, love it

Radioactive Snowman says:

I would have thought the reliability would be a con you’ve had quite a few
problems over the last 6 months, and I’d say that the 458 is as close to a
perfect supercar that we’ll see for a while 

Florent Izairi says:

I love your r8 keep doing the great videos

XtremeMan says:

My perfect supercar is a z4m because it’s quite rare and a v6 which sounds
raspy. Look at the video of it on my channel!!!

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