James May Car Review: BMW 5-series E60 530i

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James May Car Review: BMW 5-series E60 530i This video is owned & licensed by ©BBC Worldwide.


Mark Woodward says:

I bought a 2008 528Xi. This car is beautiful! It has excellent handling &
exceptional performance!! The fuel mileage is astonishing for a car this
size. You can pick up a nice used one here in the states for a great price.
If your on the fence give it a test drive & I’m sure you’ll be convinced!!

Mitko Stanev says:

2:54 e46:)

MyExtremeRC says:

Im loving my E60 xi . Smooth driving and beautiful car to own.

Kartvelian says:

6:49 : )))) The very best part

HaSSaN Ali says:

Ohhhh Just BMW 

Seizure94 says:

Buying a BMW 530i 2004 or 2006 this spring, can’t wait.. It’s beautiful :)

Samir Alim says:

Nice bmw but what he said about mercedes is not true! 

Aleksandar Mahovac says:

I agree the bmw e60 5 series is a beautiful car, but with the m package it
is the best looking car in my book :)

JohnnyBNL1 says:

Yes, i think its good looking to, but, maybe when it came out, most people
din’t like it.. XD

Arlind Mazrekaj says:

What is wrong with these guys, e60 5series is one of the best looking cars

Michael Brewer says:

You could always have a Renault Vel Satis.

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