Lamborghini Aventador vs Audi R8 twin turbo

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Lamborghini Aventador vs Heffner performance R8 V10 Twin Turbo 6 speed manual. R8 has run a 11.1 Slow shifts hurt its time. Aventador got a amazing 60 Foot o…


Richard Roundfast says:

Give it a half mile of a staring mile, as for ur driving skills that lambo
has a 1.5 range 60 foot along with mill sec shifts hits 60 mph 2.7-2.8 sec.
R8 traps at 135-137mph and is TT 8psi Heffner presently for sale in SS

Jay Man says:

What a terrible race…Give me your R8 and ill beat that Aventador with
driving skills alone. Either that or total BS on the twin turbo part….I
call BS on the twin turbo…You do not even hear them! And you WOULD!

CPBlackopsMW3 says:

I’ve seen a Beetle beat the 750hp Lamborghini Veneno

Matt Canipe says:

R8 is just a joke. One of the slowest super cars on the market. Get dusted
by everything

hksp says:

UGR TT R8 will pwn that aventador

nbrigdan says:

That’s crazy, 800 WHP and it is still .6 seconds slower than a stock 12C.
Shows the power of a good launch control system and dual clutch.

alin george Luca says:

i am an Audi fan,i drive an Audi but…the fucking Lamborghini it’s just
amazing man….i have no more words…

boem bam says:

lamborghini!!!! the best

J Bro says:

I call BS!

610ericma1 says:

this r8 does not have twin turbos 

Dale Farr says:

Ya right jay man aventador would kill an r8 with any driver in it not that
I dont like the r8 but the aventador is way better

vproduction says:

OMG at that lambo’s take off, manual just can’t beat that launch control

Alina Hussain says:

1 mile per hour hàaaaaa (*-*)

yolo2ify says:

The Audi won because Audi makes lambos

makarus ibrahim says:

The Audi R8 is a shity quality car. The lamborgini aventador is a better
car. Anyone insulting the lamborgini I’ll kick him in his A S S

Müller Marc says:

Audi R8 Twin Turbo XD never !!

zEsitos says:

bs that is, twin turbo find that hard to believe it should of been able to
pull back a bit but not even a little, yea bs

poelon x says:

Lamborghini =best

Jb large says:

This is a v8 twin turbo r8 not v10 !!!!! it has 420hp stock with the turbo
kit it makes 569hp ….. theres no way it could beat a stock aventador
making 700hp with launch control ! 11.1 is not slow for a car making 569hp
…the zr1 and viper both make 640hp and run 11.5 … stock GTR runs 11.1
with 545hp but has a dual clutch transmission with launch control ! turn
up the boost and you will see better times , 8 psi is playing it safe
which is a good idea .. who wants to blowup an r8 motor smh not me !!!!

Mr0smite says:

Haha this was fucking setup, fuck this trash video.

Michael Boswell says:

DSG is a flappy gearbox for pussies. Only girls drive automatics.

AuDispEedFrEaK602 says:

Actually audi made the engine for the aventador so suck it p.s sudi
lamborgine samething they both own by vw :-)

Albert Wesker says:

I think R8 own the old version of lambo’s engine

Brage Borup says:

the R8 has a the same engine they use in the Lamborghini Gallardo NOT the


Dude your an idiot if you really think a audi R8 V10 can beat a lamborghini
aventador V12

SWIFTY181 says:

Wow, the R8 is fast but man did that Aventador get me hard. You can tell by
the video how ferocious the gearchanges are and much faster it is than
pretty much anything else.

sika czu says:

fuck audi !!

josh walton says:

of just shut up you cunt i think the r8 is slow so get the fuck over it.

iReOfThEaRcAnE says:

There’s new r8′s now with dual clutch paddle shifters. Check em out

Michael Jordan says:

yes the flappy pedal gear box on aventador makes it fast but its not as fun
as the good old 6 speed manual…

josh walton says:

ok then please feel free to comment that on the actual comment section n
not a reply to me.

Nathan Elrick says:

that lambo needs to get some yellow paint! by fuck at thing can shift!

TheBryanSiv says:


John O'Bryan says:

Umm, jump the light. Let’s see the track times.

KrihelGaminG says:

If you aks me, then a STOCK AVENTADOR beats TWIN TURBO R8! Whose better now?

01superjack says:

If you look real closely, at 1:40 , you can spot the exact moment the
driver wished he opted for the VW-Audi S/Tronic DSG..

brian centi says:

at least the audi started cathing up at the end………after the lambo
started braking…lololol

Vane Ajta says:

If Underground Racing makes a Audi R8 V10 S-Tronic Twin Turbo nothing will
be faster than that…

cuntdestr0yer says:

they revised the r8 with the DSG dual clutch automtic in 2013, previously
is had the tip tronic which everyone thought was garbage.

gurbash washere says:

but the R8 isnt even competing it wasnt meant for racing its for FUN and
Comfort .. lemans

Derek Spivey says:

Why do people keep dies

SuperChargedMan101 says:

No Twin turbo here

brian centi says:

aventador runs low 10′s stock…you’re piont being ???

JsDs1020 says:

nothing those cars run mid 10′s stock all day

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