Land Rover Discovery Sport vs Audi Q5 (2015) twin test review

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CAR magazine twin-tests the new 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport against its class rival the Audi Q5.


Matthew Hall says:

Compare this with Car Buyer’s review of the Discovery Sport. Night and day

Bora Markovic says:

holly shit this video is horrible, shitty sound, shitty video, shitty video
editing. wow

MyRandomReviews says:

The Evoque is too old and the Jeep outclassed? Well I guess anything that
isn’t brand new doesn’t count then, and comparing the Jeep’s positives and
negatives is not allowed?

phosphodiesterase says:

Agree, shitty video/audio quality. What is this, WWII audio technology? 

TheFunkyair says:

get rid of this engine pls 

Gabe Phelan says:

holy 60 frames



Valent McCalla says:

So even though your trying not to be biased, your really saying
the cheaper Audi is better than the Land Rover…..

Charlie Lindstrom says:

In what world do those vehicles compete? Isn’t the Sport a 3 row SUV? 

jonowee says:

Got time and space to bring a camera jib for filming but couldn’t even be
bothered to rig up one lav mic. FWIW if you’re going to have source video
from two cameras with vastly different framerates, please do try to match
them up in post.

iamspyvspy says:

awful audio !!!

Albert Covo says:

next time try to compare 4 cars in 2 minutes.

mx5cySS says:

did you really record this with a smartphone??

Damien W says:

Why even bother?

PROCESSOR302 says:

BMW X3 ?

TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

I have the biggest unit here…

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