Living with a BMW M3 – Life On Unleaded (BMW M3 Review)

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In our third episode of “Living With”, Louis takes a look at the BMW M3 to see what it’s like to live with, not to mention having some good old fashioned rea…


Moneybadger says:

AMG C-Class all the way

Farzad Farzad says:

Thanks for the video, loved it…
I currently have an Audi A3 V6 and will be upgrading to V8 probably in
about year time, narrowed my choices to M3, R8 and GTR-R35…

Don’t know which one to get! pretty damn confused!
R8 about 35k, M3 about 25k and GTR about 28k…

Anyone any idea and why!?!

Sarin Murlidar says:

“Scare a small child” That sound scares me!!!

Tom Bayly says:

very entertaining review and lovely car!

Ed B says:

I see you commented on run flats earlier and I quote: “We like to cover all
aspects of car maintenance, in our experience most BMWs tend to come with
run flats.”
This unfortunately is incorrect. E9X non M3s come with run flats. Not M3s.
I quote from the supplementary M3 Owners manual page 59 1st paragraph:
Correct wheels and tires: Contrary to the description in the Owner’s Manual
for Vehicle, your BMW M3 is not equipped with run-flat tires.
I am a 2011 M3 e92 owner and I researched this when I bought it…no run
Great video, funny too…just 1 thing wrong. No big deal…

Louis Wingate says:

Great review and very entertaining too! 

iVinniezz says:

Great video! Funny, nice production quality and an amazing car. 

MyMikey32 says:

M3 for sure firstly coz i have one and secondly i had a C63 although both
cool the M3 is such a precision car theres no contest 

Valdas KA says:

wtf with that seating position???

Sulman Shabbir says:

Hoping you could shed some light and give me some input on this. I am
looking to get a new car next year and I have narrowed it down between
these, C63, M3, GTR and R8. I have watched your episodes on the M3 and R8
so my question is which out of these cars is the best overall. They all
seem to be in the same price bracket, performance etc. Cheers.

Elliot Day says:


ShadowFMX says:

Great review!! Nice to have a few random jokes thrown into it to lighten it
up a bit.Would of been nice to hear some opinions about the mileage,but I
suppose thats not a priority of a M3 owner! Ime gonna be trading my 330 for
a M3 soon.Cant wait! To answer your question at the end: BMW all the
way.Best all round package

idin moghaddam says:

M3 for sure !!!

ahmed shams says:

C63 507 period

Eddi Diz says:

M3 E92 Of course. 

Aditya Kaushik says:

The BMW M3 of course!!!!

rpo305 says:

“Honey have you got the baby?” *Throws doll* lol great review. I have a
535i on my channel but this M3 is looking real nice.

Revitt says:

The only button I’d delete is the power button. I don’t really want 90%
throttle opening in the first 2mm of pedal travel. Modulation is what you
need with 420bhp in the rain. 

Ed B says:

Unsure if anyone has mentioned this. You mentioned run flats and the
purchase of them. M3′s do not come with run flats. E92 non M models come
with run flats. M3s have an inflation system in the trunk if your wheel

Narrowc ross says:

RS5 competes with this, not the RS4. Great reviews though, keep up the good

MrRap RapiRap says:

C 63 AMG!!!!

Kalbe Mahmood says:

I have driven both and tbh I prefer the c63 but that may be because the one
I drove had a de-cat exhaust

colin5577 says:

It does sound epic, though it’s a shame that the nature of cars like this
has become such that most of the review deals with the various buttons,
options and driver aids. I’m in the market for one of these, and though I’m
looking for a manual car with 18s (not easy to find) I enjoyed the piece. I
wouldn’t consider an AMG due to the auto only, and though the RS4 is one of
the few decent Audis to drive, I prefer RWD.

OcTag3n says:

Great video. I’m trying to make my mind up on an M3, C63 or GT-R as my next
car purchase. Are there any plans for you to review the GT-R?

Darien Rosa says:

Best review ever!!

DedicationBlog says:

Keep up the good work – are you going to be doing any more “living with”
videos soon? Thanks to this video (and a few others) I ended up buying an
M3 a couple of months ago :) Made a nice “cinematic” video of it if
anyone’s interested: BMW M3 (Alpine Edition)

DivideBYZero69 says:

The tyre talk @7:15 was pointless. The M3 doesn’t have run flats. No M
cars do.

Vukasin Pavlovic says:

Can you do the video with E60 M5 and with Maserati Quattroporte…. Chers
mate, like your chanel

kuken166 says:

C 63 amg for me!

Tyler Sheffield says:

I got my dads m3 for my first car and still have it it’s absolutely amazing

Callum Staples says:

You should make more videos, I’ve loved all of the ones you’ve uploaded so

Mansya Cruz says:

m3 and the 63 is a tough decision, as much as i love cars this two is very
hard to differ which one is suitable driven in my country which is
Indonesia (jakarta) , traffic is horrible

simnumber1 says:

All three rivals are great machines. M3 for street and track use, C63 for
that sound! and RS4 if your a by the book fellow…

Faeze78 says:

Mercedes Benz C63 for me! :)

Lex Lindfield says:

m3 such a cool car

Farlee says:

The beautiful thing about this car is with the M4 on its way there are
going to be some affordable second hand V8s appearing. Such a beaut but I’m
pretty sure the next gen are going to be straight sixes again. Sad to see
the end of the M3 coupe brand though.

Life On Unleaded says:

Thanks Andy, glad you liked it!

Steven Hatton says:

Great video, really like the style.

Travis Wan says:

I would say a B6 RS4 as its just so much more involving due to its MT
gearbox and its crazy power!

Antonio Epperson says:

Nice vids, much better then the old guys from car and driver.

Life On Unleaded says:

Great answer!

Stefan Cupovic says:

pretty sure he wasnt talking about his looks… :P

Oily Squid says:

good choice!

Gigahertz says:

good fun to watch

DefenderTDBlack says:

Nice video mate, so cool to see a young chap around my age get to drive
some truely epic car’s, but for me I’d go for an Audi RS5 as it’s the only
one i’ve driven and has been very reliable… but my mum does drive it far
too slowly for anything to break ;) Cheers

frozenzoo says:

M3 is the better driver car, better than heavy RS4 with all wheel drive
that nobody needs

Oily Squid says:

That’s me! Small world. My mum took mine to church! Drove very sensibly.
Kinda funny actually

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