Living with a Supercar: Audi R8 Review

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Episode 1 of Living with a Supercar: My Audi R8 Review Subscribe and follow our journey: Exhaust System Coming: http://www.armyt…


Ram Ghai says:

Who are you insured with bro. I was a nightmare getting me insured on a
185ps Audi A1 at 17 years old

Martin A. Kjenna says:

My dream car would be a Maserati Quattroporte, 410hp V8 4.7 litre from
Ferrari, and four luxurious seats. Speed and practicality! 

Lord Aleem says:

Better than my first ever attempt at a review! 

DedicationBlog says:

Nice job :) Glad to see you’re still enjoying it and still enthusiastic
about it too. Oh and don’t worry I still get the “its not a proper
supercar” comments even in the V10 lol I think to some people if its not a
Ferrari or Lambo then its not a supercar in their eyes

Henry Pearce says:

You should make it satin yellow to go with the new black and yellow badge
;D personally, i dont know why, my favourite colour on a car is glossy
cream. Id like a GTR by the time im 30 and if i got one then id wrap it
glossy cream… Like the cream F12 in knightsbridge! 

James Stewart says:

Have you down on any roads with no speed limits?

Hassaan Mian says:

Is this your only ur only super car .
I love your videos

5ifthLegionGaming says:

What year is his car

Joey Howard says:

Hello from America, I see you’re somewhat following in Tim’s (Shmee150)
path, is the next car ideally a McLaren? ;) Congratulations on the car,
enjoy it and love life. 

Tyler Walker says:

meh, to bad its the V8, and not the V10… V8′s one are not as powerful as
the R8 V10, nor are they as loud if you put aftermarket exhaust, also they
dont look as mean as the V10 either.. just my opinion.

JaysEcho says:

Wait what year is it?

влад науменко says:

Looks like you are familiar with the roads.

ClownishSanta says:

You’ve got some swag brother.

AppleTechBeast says:

C63 AMG Black Series all the way. Great review though, especially for your
first haha And did this guy afford the R8 because of YouTube alone? I
highly doubt he did but he suggested it at the end?

Abubakr64 says:

Hey can u give me a ride? Lol jk I live in Manchester which is quite far
from London. Just say 3 hours or so

msgamingelite says:

Under 300 club! Sick car man! 

Anton Jeffers says:

Its a nice Car but The r8 isn’t a supercar… It just Looks like one but
0-60 in 4.6 seconds ? A Mercedes a45 AMG is faster

Paris coke says:

Nice review man. By the time I’m 25 I should have the McLaren 12c. That’s 2
years . I might just have to make videos as well for my first purchase.I
just wonder what my insurance will be too

vitor hugo vitim says:

#twinturbo please ? 

KikooGaming says:

Paint The Car Matte Black Put Black Rims Tint The Windows And Put Really
Loud Exsoust Perfect R8 :D Just A Suggestion But if u do it like I told u
That will be really cool !!

kcolg321 says:

You’re awesome

R8 Addict says:

Top quality as always keep it up!

FallEdit says:

@Paris Coke nice im going to buy a LP640 Roadster in 1,5years

Karan Sehmi says:

I want my list of cars to be
1) E92 M3
2)Audi R8
3)Gallardo Balboni edition

Still on my Subaru now which I plan to keep forever.

Steven Chi says:

Hope u enjoy it, i will go crazy about the noise it makes when u change

Archit Lal says:

The thing i like about this channel is you actually read everyone’s
comments and you even reply. Taken that you have nearly 70,000 subs that’s
pretty good

Bob van leeuwen says:

Car enthusiasts make me happy, young car freaks make me even more happy.
Seems we be headed for an uninspirational eco electric car era. Good for
you that you spent your money on an natural aspirated V8 and good for us
who dream about that. Would never have guessed you’d be an R8 guy, judging
from your looks. But great review. Keep up the good work!

MphKing253 says:

hi man, just out of interest what do you do for living ? btw awesome video
and awesome car

wasif51 says:

I had a ride once in an Audi R8 V8. Epic car. Congratulations and enjoy it!

Luis Gonzalez says:

Why is he driving on the wrong side of the road and why is the drivers side
on the right????? 

xangodango says:

Next time I’m trying to decide between a 1.6 astra and an R8, I know where
to go :)

Raritytuber says:

Very good job! Maybe you could do a video of the econmics of owning a car
like this.

ajmalh456 says:

I WANT IT !!!!

Sathesh Kumar says:

Nice that he’s also speaking about the practicality not just raving about
it. Keep at it bro!

PriZma ApOllO says:

Q&A Did u do well in your GCSE exams?

ZadyM1337 says:

Nice video Paul 

Adam Folk says:

I seriously love watching your videos

Tom the EpicPcGamer says:

What colour are you having it wrapped

stavros969 says:

Well done, nice video keep up the good work. I never got your name though!

ada asd says:

hmm i wonder what is insurance for it with his age

Beau Braekeveld says:

Is an r8 a supercar? Its more a sportscar

Carl Johnson says:

How did you get that insured? Man you are pretty lucky to have that. Enjoy
it XD

EuropeansCars says:

Fine review of your R8 Paul

HugoElders says:

Never been really that much of an R8 fan, but the review is great and that
manual ‘click-clack’ gearbox is simply awesome. Love the traditional
details like that.

Mark Hills says:

R8 – Not really a supercar though is it… really… not in the true
sense of the word ‘supercar’… Nice car… but not a supercar… 

Ethan Whelan says:

Haha “I don’t really know what’s going on!?” It made me giggle.

Kerstengrogan23 says:

where are the new rims/badges?

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