Mazda 3 vs Audi A3 & BMW 1 Series group test

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We pit three stylish family hatchbacks against each other – the Mazda 3, Audi A3 and BMW 1 Series. Mazda 3 review – BMW 1 Series review…


DMX820 says:

Seemed a bit biased towards the mazda.

mattheginger says:

It amazes me how biased the British are towards Euro cars. Every
Mazda/Honda/Toyota review gets a predictable rain of hatred in the

S Miller says:

Kind of irrelevent, you would just buy the Golf

dcukic says:

if you compare “normal” brand hatchbacks with german premium car maker’s
hatchbacks every other car will win in bang for a buck contest. we get it.
we got it when you compared them to golf and we get it now. stop doing this
sort of test because its pointless

Krzysztof Jarzyna says:

Hmm, I like new Mazda 3 but when I’m watching this test I have that feeling
that This group test was “Sponsored” by Mazda :)

NiekoNezinau says:

mazda quickest, lightest, but it will rust back to Earth in about 7

garciari48 says:

Haha butt hurt euro boys.

cilvrado says:

Zoom zoom bitches. Mazda really knocked the ball off the park with the new
3/6/CX series. I think this Mazda 3 will hold its value come resale time.
Its Japanese, so more reliable and lesser repair costs once warranty

marksolstafir says:

would love to see VW Golf in this test as a 4th contestant

XwtProd says:

In this case I totally agree, I drive an Audi A5 2.0, big Audi fan, but I
decided to pop by the mazda show room one day and I was just blown away by
the quality of their latest models, they are up there with the Germans
believe me!!

stylesurfers says:

This is a true to fact review despite people saying its biased because he
owns a Mazda. With the upper tier cars that both the Germans rival offer,
absolutely, any one of them would trump Mazda anyday. But this is the
comparison of the more affordable, cost effective bang per buck competition
which Mazda has proved itself to be quite the competitor ie, the Mazda 6,
an award winning car. You need to pay like twice the amount to get the best
out of BMW and Audi, for their 3 series and A6s while you can go the Mazda
route and pay half and get the best of its class.

Zan Küntlich says:

I wouldn’t trust my money on a VW group car until they sort out their
atrocious reliability and quality issues. Here in Australia, VW have been
incredibly unhelpful and provided very little in the way of customer
support for people experiencing very common mechanical and quality

MS says:

Mat, Carbuyer isnt the same without you!

Luis X Luis says:

I haven’t met a single person who hasn’t had any reliability issue with

They’re expensive just because of the brand, but they’re really bad cars.
Audi is better, but Jap cars will definitely be a better buy. 

branot89 says:

Would you choose better car or premium badge?

Robert Dunn says:

As someone in the USA, I like to see videos like this of ordinary cars. We
don’t get any of these cars here in the US aside from the Mazda 3, and we
aren’t even offered the diesel engine in that. Small cars with diesel
engines basically don’t exist over here, and similar sized hatchbacks over
here have a lot more standard horsepower than they do in Europe. For
instance, the Focus has 160hp as standard over here.

The biggest difference is in the price. You said the Mazda 3 in the video
is ~21,000 pounds. 21,000 pounds is about $32,000. The Mazda 3 is sold at a
starting price of $19,000 over here.

AJM Campbell says:

This Mazda 3 support campaign lacks any sense of journalistic transparency.
Dissappointing, AutoExpress. Don’t mind you supporting magazine interests
with the odd support video, but these should come with a mention about the
impartiality of the test at least. 

snip84 says:

They should have compared the Audi A8, BMW 7 and Mazda…..Mazda….wait a
minute…they dont HAVE ANYTHING up there. 

Adam Musial-Bright says:

Love tests without too many numbers and more driver perspective

#car #cartest #performance #compact 

Teo Nesterov says:

My God the 1-series is uglier than ever.
I guess it takes the prize for the “ugliest BMW” from the older 7-series.

Rodo Sobarzo says:

Whats about all the japan hate? The mazda is clearly the best for this
price and that should show to the supposed “luxury brands”, whose entry
luxury cars are a complete joke and only a moron could buy such a thing as
a bmw “114d”, “oh! Look at the logo in my transport box”… If you cant
afford a proper luxury vehicle, then dont be so sad and buy a better car
like the mazda 3 or a vw golf or something like that…

Marc Merritt says:

I love German cars, however in this class they are simply outmatched by
Mazda. The maker of the Miata and RX-7, is an expert in chassis design –
one of best in the world in fact. Let’s also not forget they have no where
near the financial resources of BMW or Audi, so it’s even more impressive
what they’ve produced since becoming independent. It’s Japanese, which
means is reliable and less expensive than its Euro stable mates. Way to go

flunk77 says:

I am amazed how much money the Mazda 3 is in the UK. I paid the equivalent
of £12,156 including all taxes and fees (2L petrol hatchback) in 2010 for
one and this one competes with the perpetually overpriced Audi and BMW on
price. The one I will say it offers over them is reliability. It might be
our Canadian weather but Audi’s and BMWs are always breaking down around
here and my friends are always dumping cash into overpriced repairs.

Carlos Pereira says:

Here in canada it’s a rust bucket, plus you feel every bump. and there is
no diesel here. the gas engines have no power at all.if you want the 2.5
engine with about 180hp, well you can only get that with an automatic.

maplefreak64 says:

Mazda was a crisis by capital cooperation cancellation with GM.
They challenged technological reform independently to survive.
Skyactiv has been developed as first step.
This was praised by a car journalist of the world.
It’s still underestimated, but they’re successful.

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