Mercedes C-Class vs BMW 3 Series vs Audi A4 – Carbuyer

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LegendTheAnonymous says:

BMW 3 series is horrible! I’ve owned one and it’s made of cheap plastic
inside, it has an ugly outdated interior, uncomfortable seats, doesn’t do
nearly as many km/l as promised, holds value horribly, and gets complete
electric failures way too often!

100vasiliy says:

where is Lexus and Infiniti!? 

tofsen12345 says:

What about the Volvo S60?

Tanay Khandelwal says:

Base a4 vs high end merc c and bmw 3

Ramiz Farzaliyev says:

Well, I love the new C class, but variation in the video is the worst for
me, I don’t like the exterior without AMG package and with a star on the
grill at the same time
On the other hand BMW has M package and red interior which is the best
looking variation for me personally
I mean it would be fairer if they compare THAT 3 series with a C class with
the AMG package and red interior with black marbled wood with a matte
finish to decide which one is more attractive visually

Master_Hector says:

I came in, looked at the like/dislike bar, realized there weren’t many
dislikes. I then said: “The BMW must have won”.

追憶~旅人 says:

It’s really a shame that until now the bmw still doesn’t have LED daytime
running lights on their car….

Арсен Гаджиев says:

Miss rebeca(

Julian Jahnke says:

Rebecca was far better as a carbuyer-reviewer

ECHLN says:

BIMMER BOYS!!!!!! And it’s older. Shows how good it is

osamaFXX says:

Typical British taste. They will choose the BMW no matter how good the
others are!. And I don’t blame them. BMW is quite desirable in England.

DrCocaine Ye says:

Where is Rebecca ? :(

Cage Maru says:

Great comparisson test!!! I still remember the 1st time car buyer tried
this kind of video, was kind of flirty and not so good. Rebecca will never
be forgotten cause she was sexy and cute in a way that ginny can’t match,
but now Matt doesn’t only has proper backup in the reviews, he was surelly
surpassed by the new girl. Great work Ginny, i became your greatest fan. By
the way, i think i heard Ginny voice before, and i think was in the What
Car channel :-D In my opinion, the BMW wins in all categories, even on
design. I saw the Mercedes yesterday and wasn’t as good looking as in

Timothy C says:

Does the C class have a manual transmission?

Carbuyer says:

#Mercedes C-Class, #BMW 3 Series or #Audi A4? We help you decide…

123321gauri says:

uu mercedes have what tay call man made leather in there cars and you said
that tay had not put cheaper materials in the car…….

Box0rz says:

Complaining about the Mercedes’ head room isn’t fair because you have the
sunroof installed. Without it, the headroom is just fine.

Steven Watson says:

Would get the Audi.Great interior and efficent

bluetec258 says:

Great Team :D

M9A5P says:

Great video… Wish there were more of these across different classes of

Max Chui says:

The A4 is f-ing outdated! 

MM Inc. says:

Let me guess without watching the video, they choose BMW?

Moses A says:

I love Matt’s reviews.

cofeinarul says:

Rebecca was better…and more beautiful… Bring it back!!!

Dries King says:

bmw is the best

Faisal al-inaizi says:

Mercedes won almost all categories: looks exterior and interior, build
quality, ride comfort, noise isolation, value for money, and most
efficient. How the hell bmw won this comparisan? 

Moayad88 says:

where is the Lexus is?

David Wayne says:

I know what they said at the beginning of the video but how can you put a
top spec 330d bmw and well specced c class against a bottom non spec rental
car from AUDI of course your not going to like it. Spec up the AUDI and
then you have a basis for comparison

Yippie says:

Nice review! BMW #1, I agree. 

Harry Andrew says:

The BMW looks horrible, inside and out. The merc well it looks absolutely
disgusting, one of the ugliest cars I’ve ever seen, a transit van looks
nicer. The Audi is the best looking inside and out. Btw I like audis in
general and I hate mercs and BMWs in general 

Ioanides001 says:

I have a C Klass, automatic, and it’s a very nice car. I would be happier
with a BMW tho. I am amazed Audi sneaked in this league as I feel they’re
still very far from BM and Merc…

LancashireLad666 says:

Well objectively speaking I prefer the 3 series primarily because, oh fuck

Moby Dick says:

Like the cars, let’s rate the female host change: the old girl host,
Rebecca, is prettier, but the new girl host, Ginny, is more knowledgeable
and has more charm. So overall, I’d give the win to Ginny!

labigithastaetmeadam says:

too bad c-class got uglier. previous model was much better looking

Mohannad M. Ibrahim says:

And I really like how this video goes smoothly, detailed but not boring.
And the chemistry between the reviewers. Like like like!

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