Mercedes C63 vs BMW M3 vs Audi RS5!

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Mercedes C63 vs BMW M3 vs Audi RS5! We compare the latest BMW M3 coupe with the new Audi RS5 coupe, and we bring in the Mercedes C63 AMG Break to deliver us some snacks… High-res via …


David Van Puijenbroek says:

Deze auto’s zijn mooi maar ik zou liever een Japanner willen die hebben
goedkopere auto’s en ziin veel sneller kijk naar de Nissan GTR en de
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo zijn auto’s waarvan het geluid beter klinkt vind ik
zelf waarom zou je ongeveer voor een snelle Duitser kopen voor €200.000
terwijl je net zo goed een Japanner kan nemen 

omi won says:

c63 estate ewwwww

ashoof WA atmana says:


TheHordezla1987 says:

Amg all the way!

PrinceOfGamesVidz says:

Pas je op dat je niet geflitst word :D

Mike Frank says:

5:10- 5:14 i dont understand a word but i laughed my ass off! this language
sound so funny

Kenan Berber says:

İts not about performance or power. İts about ”Quattro”.

John Kadirov says:

Three fucking gays. One main gay on mers leave the child like a waste and
hurry towards his lover boys. ))) LOL

lau laurent says:

l m still an fan AUDI forrreverrrrrrrrrrrrr

Ronald Selder says:

wat een waardeloze chauffeurs kom weer op rijles SUKKELS

KINGJUL Yan says:

Juste 3 ingénieurs faisant joujou ^!^

lucas bigetti says:

Audi for ever ! RS5 ❤️

m3ntl3g3n says:

MB VIP car… BMW fan boys can go cry on their car back seats

Gianni Geurtjens says:


And not only comparing to these 3 cars.
The Rs7 beats all of mercedes and BMW’s sedans.
Those who say BMW and Merc have betetr preformance don’t know anything
about german cars lol.

Maxence Roquette says:


David Ge says:

Look at that ///MPower !!! > 7:33

فرعون مصر says:

m is the best

Michael Riche says:

Audi’s are only liked by so many people because they are a cheaper&more
affordable brand than BMW&Mercedes.

I owned an S4&Q7 Audi, I bought the s4 for myself and the q7 for my wife
because both our previous leases expired at the same time. This was around
the time Audi just came out with their new and improved cars, with all
their tech. advances inside and great interior, plus the innovative
lighting. In my honest opinion, the only reason Audi came anywhere close to
Merc&BMW is because they came up with these innovations before BMW&benz.
Now that the hype around those innovations is gone, and BMW&Mercedes have
both started doing the same (LED lighting, sportier interiors), Audi’s are
starting too look all too dull and like beefed up VW’s. They dont catch the
eye anymore like they once did, and honestly speaking, the new BMW line up
(4 series especially) and the older X6′s (2014 and down) are the nicest
looking cars I’ve ever seen in their class hands down.

Apart from that, the M4 is a better car than the RS5 on the track, and the
C63 is a different beast altogether. The sound alone from the C63 is
unmatched and every time I’ve driven one it just comes to life in your
hands. While the RS5 feels more like a winter safe car I’d buy my wife.
Powerful and all, but lacking any real character. 

a Shah says:


Quality speaks for itself 

Steven Cross says:
Lamar E says:

I love Audi but they’re no match against BMW and Mercedes.

Anthony says:

Bmw or audi ? 

lloydPSG15 says:

why didn’t they use a coupé c63 ? this one sucks

sam carey says:

Mercedes, BMW , Audi

SoLiD 1337 says:

Geef me dan togmaar de M3 looks zijn beter dan de audi en mercedes imo.

calvin9999999999 says:

RS5? That’s not the BMW equivalent. Should be an S4, not even an RS4. RS
Audi’s should only be compared to BMW Alpina’s and Mercedes Brabus models.

Sebastian Montenegro says:

I look the sedan c63 it looks way better. Fuck Audi they are a piece of shit
for maintenance

KingOfCars 630025Gaming says:

1 m3
2 rs5
3 c63

Jefe De Jefes says:

BMW is top sports car and whoever says Audi is on first place is a girl

Xhuljo Rap says:

AUDI RS5 is the Best <3

EricMultiCartman says:

Ugly language. Sounda like farting. Hhhh ehhhh errrr shhhh

tim van der voorn says:

en welke kut wil er nou een station koop een echte sportwagen

Jeffrey Gryson says:

Bmw1, merc 2 last audi. Sound merc wins

cazim jasaraj says:


Jefe De Jefes says:

They put RS5 and its not even in their class! Audi sucks

0Tidgy0 says:

Why do people compare these cars together, all three are good, they’re all
German. They should be compared to American or Japanese cars. Stop with the
ignorant fanboy comments. It’s so unbelievably funny reading all these
stupid childish comments about what car manufacturer is best. BMW must be
using some sort of ‘mind’ marketing that brainwashes children and makes
them think they’re the best, when they are absolutely average.


I love this Mercedes C63

Doar Eu says:

C63 best sound, RS5 best looks, M3 best all rounder


merc has the best engine bmw the best balance on a track and audi has the
best grip on the real world(medium surface,rain condition)dont hate others
for cars…..god mercy

Mark Schriever says:

rs3 vs m3 and rs5 vs m5 a littlebit better i think

fromsa hill says:

What he said about the Audi at 6:17 lol basically sums it up! Audi owner 

Tim Moïse says:

bmw forever!! audi is for beginner but i accept mercedes!

Emir Baatout says:

Just give me the prices…

Abdelkrim Azouakine says:

AMG/// for life <3

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