Mini diesel versus Audi A1 – What Car?

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Subscribe: What Car? puts the Mini hatchback up against the Audi A1 in a showdown of small diesels. Read more about the M…


Del Johnson says:

The A1 is a 4 year old design and still manages to cut it with the Mini’s
third generation model.Having owned a GEN1 and GEN2 Mini. I wonder if the
latest one comes with less than the nine rattles our GEN2 had. The present
A1 we own has no rattles. Hmmm. what would I choose?

cijev2020 says:

I would still rather DS3

Retro1989 says:

I wish car manufacturers would stop using that horrible shiny black plastic
on the interiors. It only looks good once it’s cleaned, but 10 minutes
after it’s covered in finger prints and dust.

Michael Simpkins says:

DS3 is my choice but as always you are paid by the Germans to criticize the
French. The Audi and the Mini are about as practical as a boil on your
backside !

Paul Bain says:

Me too DS3 all the way

Shobin Drogan says:

mini has been using the same shitty 189hp engine since the birth of christ,
seriously its a joke. DS3 for fun, A1 for refinement.

Sale_Shark says:

Neither of these are Sporty and this version should just be the Normal
Diesel version of the Mini and the Cooper Diesel should have the engine
from something like the BMW 123d !!!
Both are seen as Girl’s Cars over here !!!
Didn’t like either of them, but if forced to buy a diesel supermini I think
i’d buy a second hand Volvo C30 in Swedish Racing Green instead, but only
if forced !!!

Paul Gormley says:

Audi A1more dynamic than a mini?

12.5voltSenpai says:

A Mini as a company car? PHAAAHAHAHA

Ayrton Atif says:

Vicky because of you i watch Whatcar vidz because of you im susbcribed to
whatcar. :-)
I have a big crush on you. You are beautiful. 

Youcef DZ says:


Ian Townsend says:

A1 better handling than the mini eerrr no 

Ian Townsend says:

Mini by far is the best, Audi A1 is just a very exspensive Skoda Fabia &
the DS3 I’ve never really liked, the only good is the Ds3 Racing 

Ian Townsend says:

Audis are for cocks I’ll take the mini 

jaxxsunErie says:

You can’t get either model here in the states

david dykeman says:

Nice review Vicky. On looks alone I’ll take the Audi.

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