Mitsubishi Evo 8 vs Subaru Impreza STi vs BMW M3 – Review & Comparison

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John Slattery gives us a review and comparison of three 2003 model cars that can give supercars a run for their money – Mitsubishi Evo 8, a Subaru Impreza ST…


Men and Motors says:

Check out this review & comparison of the #Mitsubishi #Evo8 vs #Subaru
#ImprezaSTi vs #BMW #M3. #MenAndMotors –

TheBimmerfan says:

Talking about performance a BMW M3 E46 would kill a stock evo or sti all
day long in everything…Leaving a part the esthetic side because its
waaaay more beautifull and quality built.

Mike B says:

I like the 3 of them, but the E46 M3 is the best car for sure… Probably
the best looking M3 ever. 

a38racing says:

The m3 has a lot more power and a lot better interior so I think its worth

Craig J says:

all 3 are nice cars, but i think the BMW had withstood the test of time the

David Ellis says:

+stuart ellis f@;cking meeoowww! 

Ian Townsend says:

M3 please 

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