MotorholicsJo Ep.2 BMW 5 series review F10 vs E34

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BMW f10 vs e34 review we took the new bmw 523 F10 and compare it with 450hp e34 528 turbo. we loved both cars but we love horsepower more. WE DONT OWN ANY MU…


mohamadJO says:

الله يعطيك العافية
انا طبعا بختار e34
ولا بعد e34 سيارة

thaeer1000 says:

عرض كتير حلو الله يعطيكم العافيه e34 ,

MrBeboopman says:

Dont understand a word !! BUT I understand the love of BMW…. E34 all day

Emile Unk says:

English subtitles would have been nice. =)

sal jo says:

y2boshne al 5ateem ;)

Mustafa Ramahi says:

ahaaaa, m3llim 

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