Motoring 2013 Episode 2 – BMW Z4 Test Drive

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Mon3yline says:


Paul Straistaru says:

I don’t know what he’s talking about with the windows… Mine shuts the
windows after every roof operation. You just have to keep the button
pressed a couple seconds longer. And it is the most unbelievable car ever.
I fell in love with it the very minute i sat myself inside.

openliquor says:

Journalists are so bitchy….so the windows don’t go up automatically with
the roof? What if I want the roof up, but windows down? Grasping at straws
here….not much wrong with this car, except that I don’t have $70K to buy

Sunny Nanan says:

Wow, I was about to get this whip tomorrow, thanks for proving its a biitch
car! 6 series now!

Sharon Maceyak says:

I love my 2013 Z4~ She is amazing. I get an average of 35 miles per gallon!
She turns on a dime. I have an manual shift and though I was kicking myself
at first for getting a manual, I now wouldn’t trade it for the world.

yakadee1 says:

You spelled “separate” wrong. I agree about the back up camera. ALL
vehicles should have them.


What do you need a rear view camera for! It has a back window, rear view
mirrors and the fact that the car is so small it would take like 5 seconds
to hit something. Also if you have a BMW you should cautiously back up
anyway. So other than that great review.

Cong nghe May says:


Michal Gloc says:

I wouldn’t use the B word if my name was “Sunny”. So macho. Hahaha

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