MotorWeek | Retro Review: BMW E30 M3

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Our quick review of the 1st gen E30 M3.


Jay Santos says:

Holy crap. Inflation factored in that’s over $80,000 in today’s dollar. A
$25,000 (in today’s dollar) Scion FRS would put this car to shame.

We’ve come a long way in automotive bang for the buck.

cassmanio says:

This is before manufacturers realize they can nickel and dime you with
options! Miss those simpler days…..

weegers2444 says:

Please do the first generation CRX next! I’m going too pick up a 87 si
later today and can’t find a video review of it anywhere

Erik Gulbrandsen says:

Ridiculous trolling garbage comparing FRS to this car. Your comparison is
irrelevant and pointless comparing two cars that are nearly 30 years apart,
going after 2 very different consumers. Stop.

B.A. Chan says:

These cars are making a huge splash in the private seller world, going for
well over $25k to as high as $50k. I miss the days of the spartan
interiors, loud S13B23 motor and purposeful styling. 

LZSchneider says:

This review was underwhelming. Still, neat to see the car. 

pbfloyd13 says:


-Mr Regular of Regular Car Reviews

Matthau San says:

Love that M3. I like to have another chance to own one if I can find one
with decent condition and reasonable price.

Austin T says:

These videos are awesome!! Keep ‘em coming!

Joseph Rogers says:

This car was groundbreaking for its time. 

TEDdotcom says:

Not a review. They didn’t road test the car.

daredevil7442 says:


Pedro Pires says:

MotorWeek | Retro Revival : BMW E30 M3 #classiccars

kaoshonen says:

Engine sounds soooooo awesome!!!!

C1500 Chebby says:

BMW was ahead of the american auto makers by far. BMW makes really nice

xXxSikMLG360 NoScoperxXx says:


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