MotorWeek Road Test: 2009 Audi TTS

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MotorWeek Road Test: 2009 Audi TTS.


Lord Staind says:

Dont be a dumb fuck and compare. Malaysia got shitty car prices. Just deal
with it.

superfast30 says:

TT’s are awesome..i love the first gen 225 horse coupe!

igotwhips says:

this is a chick car. Get the S4 or a G37 or 330 coupe

John Marine says:

I’ve never hated the Audi TT, and it’s just come to me that this car’s been
around for ten years. Wonderful little car.

alvarengaadilson says:

I just whant to say i really like MW, the host is the best in busines, on
the car, TTS is wonderfull.

blown0883 says:

i will drive any tt, whether its feminine looking or not… cuz mine will
be black and lowered with a nice lip kit and wheels… the color black IMO
makes it look masculine lol

19danflo says:

TTS>370Z… quattro AWD FTW!

19danflo says:

feminine looking? it’s the R8′s little brother how is that feminine,
besides if you need a car to assert your masculinity then you got some
serious problem. people buying these cars aren’t 16 anymore.

blueribbonbullies says:

That is TRUE..I se females in it..but I still think it’s clean and looks
bigger than the older model..and I have a M3 soooooo we stay BEEEMERED
up!!! wwwdotblueribbonbulliesdotcom

bustacap12 says:

If anyone here feels as tho this is a bitch car,your the real bitch. This
machine is absolutely beautiful. And any real,true sports car enthuses
should have no problem getting behind the wheel.

huntman125 says:

60 grand for what? You gotta be an asshole to spend 60 grand on that

maxou5757 says:

You can chip the 2.0 turbo and it will make over 300 HP easily … like 350

adsut10 says:

That blue looks sick on the TTS

igotwhips says:

It looks like a compressed VW beetle with Miata sized cuteness. The engine
is to cab forward in design and the back seats are useless even for a
toddler. Audi makes very nice cars but this car is too cute and the price
would deem it more for fashion rather than performance. If I pull up to an
Audi TT I expect a spoiled trophy wife or daughter driving it.

GTRnev8820 says:

not that but look TT RS got new 2.5L turbo a chip and boost and its gona
pump out over 400HP

maxou5757 says:

0.3 secs from 0-62 mph is so much faster ??? Hahahah TT-RS 0-62 : 4.6 secs
TT-S 0-62 : 4.9 secs

GTRnev8820 says:

350 max… next step BLOW BOOOM

Jeremandre says:

lololol my impala ss would beat the shit out of this car with 360hp and
390lb ft of torque…………dont get such a boner just because its german

fcabido says:

he says “own” at the end

maxou5757 says:

No… not with the 2.0L from Volkswagen.

Jeremandre says:

Ohh got me!! im 20 you idiot

Keith Thompson says:

whether it looks “cute” or not, i wouldnt have a problem with driving a TT.

Shahul Usman says:

You can get a ttrs manual

Jazz M says:

WTF $46k? in Malaysia 2009 TTS price lowest at $80k up til now. Thats not
including registration. pft!

siamiam says:

those are nice, i seen them cold weather testing one and a scirocco up here
in Alaska for cold weather testing

GTRnev8820 says:

good car but TTrs is gona be so much faster

graykin22 says:

Really good review!

Evo9Black says:

The TTS is an awesome car and with a reflash with APR you get an extra 60
horsepower and 90ft torque for $1k. Bargain!

Adam ZarZar says:

Sure, I’ll get an R8. Want to spot me the extra $100,000 in price between
them? nice comparison, you fucking tard. It doesn’t matter. I think the TT
is sweet, and the TTRS competes nicely with the M3 despite having 3 less
cylinders. But I’ll stick with an RS4.

Adam ZarZar says:

Thanks. And I don’t buy my car on rep. That basicallly means what other
people think influences my choice. In that case I might as well let the
public buy my car. I have an RS4 because it’s understated, not that flashy,
but luxurious and a hidden beast, attributes I love. It’s not the hottest
car or the fastest, but it gives me a good mix of what I want.

Adam ZarZar says:

Sure, go BMW if you want to blend in with all the other bland 3 series
driven by every boring businessman out there. They’re great cars, but the
TT is awesome.

Jeremandre says:

Take an audi TT to the track my ss will beat it to death………plus the
tt is a bitch car……when i see one it is usuall driven by a
girl……….dont get me wrong…….i dont dislike the german divison
(with the exception of volkswagen)……..But if your gonna go
German……BMW all the way.

coreydl2008 says:

God get rid of that cheap looking grey plastic strip in the front!

raceboy1971 says:

I’ll outrun your piece of shit Impala around any racetrack in the nation in
a Gen 1 Miata while wearing my Borat bikini. You weren’t trying to call a
dragstrip a “track” were you? Drag racing is for bitches anyway.

Chad Fuller says:

@Jeremandre bhp and torque is not the only factors in any race, perhaps you
should consider the power to weight ratio, the handling of the car, and
over all performance of a car. Now take that same car and put it back on
the streets. tt vs impala? ouch, so lets recap, in a drag race ss vs. tt
rs, tt would win, over all looks? tt, livability tt. Sadly you have made
the first mistake of buying that car, and secondly bragging about buying
that car, the tt is more expensive then your car, worth it.

Bay M says:

i would rather own a car in malaysia than singapore

Firsthgyhgyhuy Lastujhujhuj says:

When do you hit puberty then? :)))))

Jeremandre says:

Yah the tt is awesome especially when you have a vagina. Dont be a
bitch……skip the TT and buy an R8 like a fucking man. but hey atleast
the Audi TT is green. i hear it runs of estrogen!!!!

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