MotorWeek| Road Test: 2015 BMW i8

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We kick off our 34th season with a look at the future of enthusiastic motoring in the BMW i8. Check out more at Follow us on Twitter…


Kristoffer P says:

Supercar? I think not!

johnny mars says:

Hmmmm….this car or a Tesla S?

geerage85 says:

sub 13 1/4 miles and sub 4.5 0 – 60 … that is fast and those numbers are
supercarish if u ask me .. 

LoveAboveHate says:

Some ‘Vette owners have been getting over 30 mpg on the highway

Hiluxtaco says:

$135K for a turbo, inline three cylinder powered hybrid?! No thanks..

ciph3ro says:

Def not a supercar. I can’t wait until I can get an affordable performance
hybrid though.. I’m hoping when they put a new engine in the WRX STI it
will be something like this.

venom5809 says:

“engine noise pumped into the cabin”- puke. This thing is seriously ugly
and seriously overpriced. For that kind of money I want a proper supercar
with a proper engine. Who cares if it is not a hybrid, electric, whatever,
it is not like those types of cars are daily drivers anyway. 

DSNCB919 says:

Reminds me a but of an audi r8.. either way this is much more interesting
than that ugly i3

Joshua Oblon says:

135k and still a manual adjusting steering column, real nice

Tony Tanti says:

whats with this guys shitty spray tan

Rondaxx says:

a supercar can fly…. this one is way too cheap thats close to that other
melone shaped tesla car with the looks of a hamburger

Malinda Tuy says:

It is a supercars durr

NismoFinder says:

My ’11 Audi S4 is Just as fast, performs equally in handling, is probably
more comfortable, is just as good looking (in my opinion), is a fun 6-speed
manual, can be driven in blizzards, gets almost 30 mpg highway And is $80K
cheaper than this thing! The i8 is a neat car, no doubt…but I think I’ll
stick to my much more practical Audi.

innerpurpose says:

Sorry, I love this all, but electronic engine noise pumped into the cabin
speakers? Really? The design is horrible. Testla has it nailed. I love BMW,
but not happy with the style. Good job on the engineering.. 

superchan7 says:

“MotorWee” I see what happened there!

M Rosenberg says:

Looks like it’s shitting out a Porsche 911

Demy E says:

That price is way too high. There are better vehicles to pick compared to
this thing. 

EscapeforMankind . says:

Too Expensive

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