My Audi RS5 Review (with Subtitles)

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Finally, I decided I should make a review of my Audi RS5, tell you how it feels as an everyday car. Of course, you know me, I focused a lot on the sound of t…


DoctaM3 says:

Nice review-awesome color combo too. Love the sound

TheGetawayer says:

I still think this looks way better than the Mercedes E-Coupe, maybe even
than the 4 series. Great review, thanks for sharing !


Very nice review man! Love the edit and the ‘type’ of review! Good job!

TwinCharched says:

Great review and car! I¨ve filmed a RS5 with an Akrapovic exhaust. In the
future you will see a couple of more videos of it! I¨ll hope to see more

Supercar9722 says:

Great review mate :)

SpotterJacob says:

Very well done review. 

bugattif430 says:

Great review! The RS5 looks stunning in this color and ofcourse sounds

ItsCarbonFiber says:

I love your type of review. You give pretty good pros and cons along with
the best, the great noise!

BigRedChapp says:

Great review, enjoyed watching :). it’s sad that the naturally aspirated
engines are coming to an end, the sound of the engine has always been

Larsyboy1997 says:

Great review Thomas! You can hardly hear your accent, it’s really great.
Now we know pretty much everything we wanted to know from this car. I
didn’t know the sound system was such a small difference, would be nice if
we heard that a week ago hahaha

Gumbal says:

Nice review! I really like that grey color for this car! Perfect match.

MikeRelvasR8 says:

My dream car! It’s such a shame Audi will ditch the absolutely magnificent
4.2L V8 FSI and use a twin-turbo V6 on the next-gen RS4 and RS5… By the
way, the RS5 doesn’t weigh 1800 kg. Its kerb weight is about 1680 kg.

Great review! I hope one day I can have or at least drive the RS5! :)

lamborghinilover777 says:

My uncle also has one!

Atanas Sqnkov says:

So what exactly do you do for a living? Does this exotic-spotter thing go
so deep?

Carspotter Jeroen says:

Great video my friend! Cant wait for the AMG review! 

Somy92zabjelo says:

Awesome review, that’s a perfect urban monster from Audi. I prefer BMW’s
but out side of cities xD

Jay M says:

I am looking for 1 in Canada but unable to find the car with Adaptive cruze
control and Ceramic Brakes. BTW what is your monthly come up to? And did
you put any down payment?

strpker32 says:

you got that french swag broo and nice rs5!!! i only got a a4 lol for now

Sopaipz says:

Why did you chose it against the m3 or c63?

Zacar Spotos says:

It would be nice if some brands let you use their cars to test them! More
cars for you to drive, and more reviews to watch!! Very good indeed! 

grey71644 says:

Thanks for the subtitle!!! ;)

Danny White says:

Great review. I like your unique insight and commentary. You have a new
subscriber in me…

Dhruv Thapa says:

See my rs5 videos in my account.


well done man! cheers from argentina!

LuxuryCarSpottings says:

Absolutely fantastic review. I hope more videos of your Audi RS5 coming

sgfreak96 says:

Exactly what I’d do with it. Screw music, listen to the thing roar! Love
the ride man.

Chong WenKai, Brian says:

Hi, how much is it sold in ur city?

datzrob says:

I wish audi didn’t do that ugly facelift…. Your model will be a beautiful
classic….. And your model can only be found in Europe….. Seriously I’m
freaken jealous 

thesamuraijujistu says:

I love the style of this car, power and elegance in the same thing. I’m
italian so I
love the noisy supercar (also the little noisy car as the 500 abarth of +
Marchettino ;-) ) but I think that the sound of this car it’s appropriate
with the philosophy of it.The review is really cool !!!

TierOperator says:

Is it just me or did the Headlights adjust itself at 0:19

Chris Absaroka says:

Nothing sounds like a a V-8… Love the video.. thanks

grey71644 says:

Keep doing this review….i support you!!! ;)

tinay baby says:

What do you think? R8 or this?

Anton Jeffers says:

Bro, it’s an Audi and no ferrari or whatever. Boring Car

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