My First Supercar: Audi R8 Review

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A highly anticipated review on My First Supercar…The Audi R8! Premiere Velocity’s version is the V8 spider which isn’t my favourite choice. I prefer the co…


alp27hd says:

Gotta say surely bang for your £ the R8 had to be the best. The pace of a
GTR, looks to rival a it’s Italian counterparts and that Audi build
quality. At 40-50k for a used one it’s gotta be right up there :)

JustinsSupercars says:

Dont go for something Shmee150 just sorted out…

Name says:

Best car review i have seen, i haven’t been so excited for a car thanks to
a review in a long time, i always just ignored the V8 R8 but now i think i
would prefer it.

MrAppledude007 says:

When’s the Aston’s turn? :p

Dome Nik says:

i think its a good combination of all important thinks,love your videos

0320steven says:

I think this car is great, but if you are looking for a Grand Tourer, I
think the Aston Martin is a better choice. Thanks for the Video!

hafferzitu says:

the new v10 plus is a fantastic car, but the r8 v8 has a version manual 6
speed which is fucking awesome

goldmineadvantage says:

Are you guys gonna give the Maserati MC Stradale a look?

AleexLDN says:

The Audi R8 is one of my favourite cars. As you said, I also don’t like
convertibles, I prefer the Coupe as well. But the rear window is great!
Can’t wait to see what you get, great series!

Alex Oliver says:

If you do choose the R8 and you buy a second hand one, please for the love
of god get a manual ’cause that old R-Tronic gearbox is awful. Otherwise
it’s a great car.

Cameron Ackroyd says:

Shmee just got rid of his!

Arno Förster says:

Take the V10 !!! Its awesome :)

alp27hd says:


Dome Nik says:

german quality with the touch of lambo gallardo ,couldn’t be better?

AtgreatR9 says:

V8 sounds better with custom and v10 stock for me

Ztankzr says:

The way the diver is talking casual and going over 100 mph :)

Josh Jackson says:


Lego5346 says:

do you own all of these supercars??

Masudo Rex says:

My personal fav has to be the Mclaren. I know its not as special as the
ferrari or Lambo and is probably the most expensive car there but the
performance is incredible, the doors make you feel like an 8 year old and
for me, it just demonstrates everything I want in a supercar. Maybe not as
special as Ferrari but still an unbelievably special car. My bro would have
the ferrari. Its been his fav car for over 4 years now and even compared to
cars like the Aventador, he says he would still have the 458

DedicationBlog says:

If you do get an R8, I hope it doesn’t have as many problems as mine! lol
just posted a video of us going to pick it up and also one explaining
what’s wrong with it if anyone’s interested

john doe says:

I know this is about the cars but your so freaking hot lol

martin munro says:

Thx so much man for doing this love this car

xUaraz says:

i also prefer the coupe, i hate soft tops. Like a 350z with a soft top just
looks horrible. 

SwissCarBlog Kanal says:

Superb review!!!!
But for my opinion the Gallardo’s still the best car you reviewed.
I’m wondering how the Performante compares to the standard Gallardo.

EuropeansCars says:

finally we got the R8 to see

james singh says:

Shmeegal 150 urghhh!

IOSCase Tester says:

Honestly that rear Window is soo nice/epic

Sopaipz says:

I think you should di a video with shmee150 since he had the r8 and has got
the 12c plus it would be great to see a video with both of you sharing
thoughts about cars.

IFFY561 says:

I know why the r8 has a similar steering wheel as lamborghini bcuz
volslwagen owns there parts

Billy Baker says:

How does the v8 sound better than the v10, a joke???

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