NAIAS Detroit 2011: BMW 1 Series M Coupe Review

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For full review, visit: orget the Chevy Volt; the BMW 1 Series M Coupe…


sanju2 says:

I’m not worried about the price. Considering that this is a twin turbo,
that means a lot of tuning options to make some 400+ whp levels rather
easily. All that in a small package is the way to go for some spirited city
driving in this car when not at the track.

Luis Cruz says:

Its not even a v 8… Thats sucks

kezboy1 says:

screw dual clutch. manual is the way to go.

BigCivic says:

Has anyone seen the Hitler Rant about this car? Priceless.

BoyOfSteel101 says:

@TheTyParker Yeah, the logical side of my brain completely agrees with you
man, there is really no good reason (in terms of performance) as to why
this car is priced as such, but there are tuning options available. And
also the fact that the car is in the M class, for me, just makes it worth
it, it’s a beautiful car. But you are right, but for me owning a 135i are
compared to an M class is just not as cool, I know it’s stupid but that’s
why the price doesn’t bother me.

Jason Wolters says:

I guess its time to buy some lottery tickets…

Gonzo Azama says:

I’ll choose Toyota FT86 over this :D

DLC1988 says:


1UP09 says:

47,000 dollars I want to cry here in Australia 110,000 I love this car

Anoush13 says:

BMW I love you for not going the Automatic route for this car! Manual is
the way to go!

Roy Walsh says:

I’ll get the charger srt for that price.. :O

betatalk357 says:

This car is SWEET! A hell of a lot better than than the shit Chrysler put

dapwner777 says:

I was looking for 414 horsepower, not just 340

ahmdawi says:

You mean “taking the 135i to a whole new level”, not 335i.

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