New 2011 BMW 5 Series iMOTOR Review

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iMOTOR takes a spin in the new 2011 BMW 5 Series to see if it can beat cars like the excellent Jaguar XF, recently-introduced Mercedes E-Class and Audi A6. F…


Maad Al-Nimah says:

What is the name of the first track that has been played?

Alan Radmall says:

Best in class without doubt. 260km/h revs at 4000. Better performance than
XF, Audi is the most boring car in class, diesel 535d is superb. 8 speed
box – also best in class. 2013/4 key not needed in glove box. M Sport
package changes look drastically.

Maad Al-Nimah says:

Considering I used to own a 2011 535i myself I am very glad I didn’t go for
the E300 AMG before test driving it, now I disagree with Mat when he said
it looks older because it actually looks sportier and more ferocious. It
had amazing build quality and the performance of a sports car but the
comfort of a 7 Series or a Pillow! to sum up it was GREAT!

paulaleksander says:

Hiya Ross, well I had the BMW 5 for about a month and a half, after that
I had an Audi A5 3.0 tdi sportback, and I’m now back again with an A6 2013.
I was offered an amazing deal to get back with Audi after I took out the
BMW. I agree with you that the A6 is more spacious, especially at the
back, however I would never say the BMW interior is boring, especially when
you add to that the massive sat nav screen (which is way bigger than in
the A6) and other great features that fill up the car’s interior. The seats
in the BMW are certainly a bit more comfortable too, and the drive on the
bends is that bit more responsive than the A6 – not to mention that the 2
litre diesel was more economic in comfort mode than the A6 when positioned
in comfort mode. I was getting around 61mpg when cruising down the motorway
- amazing! Anyhow, 90% of the cars that I owned in my life where Audi and I
missed the brand. The other brands I owned included the 5 series and a
Mercedes E class. Both the BMW 5 and A6 are great cars and certainly the
Merc cannot compare to them in anyway. Keep on enjoying you A6 :) Btw,
down here, i see the 5 series and A6 at least 20-30 times a day :)

Arun kumar says:

Hyundai has copied BMW!! Take a look at this video with title “AD1:hyundai
is a cheater and copycat” on youtube oh shit.

curlymike says:

Regarding the style, personally I think it’s WAY much better than previous
model (E60) which in my opinion was just ugly, E39 looks pretty good even
today :-)

SublimeOrange says:

@kevinmsft the only problems with sales is that is too expensive. In my
country supercharged 550 xdrive costs kind of $150-160k. In all other stuff
this car is one of the best. You can be disappointed in bmw styling, or
price or some kind of that, but its great car, really great car, if you
disagree – so u just havent been driven one.

paskaripuli says:

@wotdafuck89 I’m a bmw fan, that’s for sure. Actually i think Mercedes is a
little bit better than Audi or BMW, but they are so boring.. They are
everything what luxury car should be. But that’s all, there’s no
personality, brave design things (like the retractable screen in Audi’s).
After all Audi’s are not better or worse cars than BMW, otherwise people
wouldn’t call it as competitor of bmw or mercedes. But the plastics in
Audi’s dash (in A5 atleast) feel cheap…

Zack K says:

@Disawat mazda 3 is a chick car.

kjr12341 says:

Nice car.

y571 says:

It’s gorgeous.. What’s he on about?

zszs100 says:

@1:24 No Sunroof? Should be standard in a car thats in this class,

kevinmsft says:

I hate when reviewers give it a free pass just because this car has a BMW
badge. 5 series is a gross disappointment, and it is proven by how ho-hum
the sales are. New 5′s problems? – It weights more than 2 tons, it is a
freaking 400 pounds heavier than an A4. – The new electrical powered
steering is shit.

scaremengaviation says:

Lol. The bird was graced by the Bimmer.

America Top Ten says:

its just so damn good

sedamdeset70 says:

gooooooo bmw

saab93driver says:

Wow, looks like they moved the key to the centre, saab-like

Santiago Zuniga says:

I am about to pick up my 550i tomorrow…I swear I better NOT be
disappointed! I just sold my 11′ CTS-V last week…therefore it better be a
step up! -_- That styling comment concerns me the most :/

bullseye911 says:

@itsTiLER He is on AutoExpress too! He acts as a double agent.

Hassan Imtiaz says:

Cool car, poor review…

Roel Hummel says:

What is he talking about….. this model does look soooo much better then
the last one! Simply one of the best looking cars out today!!

toxik217 says:

hey u have to like it man not ur friends :) and dude congartz on fuc*ing
550i !!! take good care of and don t burn to much rubber :D

chris banks says:

the last goodlooking bmw.

Carlos Medina says:

It is a shitty design, but the interior of this car is gorgeous.

XxHardcorexxGamerxX says:

Man boobs! Lol!

Adam says:

@dmsxxx amen bro

Ryel R says:

Damn, good one!

David Redwolf says:

@gaedzable You obviously are a BMW fan and your opinion is not objective.
AUDI and BMW are the best and most competitive (high quality) car
producers, no doubt. I like them both, but audi interiors are better.
Retractable screen is awesome and the finishes are incredibly well made. No
waffling please

Martin tunby Gaard says:

@onoff314 you should be satisfied and happy. Here in Norway a 535i starts
at 170.000 USD.

Thomas Williams says:

boring design.

P. Dophile says:

Just perfect, doesn’t look like an avensis anymore.

Mishaz1997 says:

@lalaqotbooty Dude, BMW 5 series, always the way to go.

Al Bundy says:

Yes that is very true. Jaguar is making som really pretty cars but the
build quality is shit.

ThirdLife86 says:

@kevinmsft A mature discussion needs arguments. You don’t have any. So why
point your finger at me now and be mopey all about a more or less fun
comment ? I’m not sure as well if i have to prove the blowjob thing. Since
you’re now trying to insult me personally this way (which i didn’t with
you), i wonder how YOU can say anything about a mature discussion. And here
in Germany at least we can drive pretty fast and have some nice race
tracks, so i guess you won’t even make that point.

techdude6693 says:

The 5 series w/ the M-Sport Pack is quite the looker IMO

Oliver Newell says:

Really! Hahah. That’s why JLR are reporting record profits and sales. Smart

networkcomputing says:

wie ich die Werbung hasse!

jackd166 says:

Matt your like a common whore – carbuyer, autoexpress and iMotiv lol Im
only joking btw, great review and love the car

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