New 2015 Audi Q7 takes on the Namibian desert

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Our exclusive first drive of pre-production version of the new Audi Q7 in Namibia. Read the full review:


Auto Express says:

The new Audi Q7 takes on the Namibian desert…

bonustraka 23 says:

The previous generation was so much better looking SUV.

Protector of the Republic says:

I’m sure it’s a great car, very technologically advanced and all, but it
looks like a minivan.

Eniola Folorunso says:

It looks so boring. So VW

Tejas Tasgaonkar says:

Audi’s styling department has lost it’s way unfortunately.

Srdjan Smudja says:

Everything is great except the exterior design. It dont look like a SUV.
XC90 exterior looks better.

blocksterz says:

Now it looks more like station wagon 

Gergely Kondás says:

Interior is cool but this car isn’t nice at all.

Tiago André says:

Range Rover says bye bye to the ugly Q7.

southbeach09 says:

Had a close up look at the new Q7 at a car show recently and I must say I
wasn’t impressed. This thing is very bulky, looks like a lot of mix and
matching of different design elements which don’t flow and this thing has
no clean lines. Shame really because Audi could have came up with a better
design for their flagship SUV.

Narrowc ross says:

Interior as always is class leading in Audi’s, exterior I’am afraid is a
step down. Very boxy and odd

kr0pp says:

Style language appears similiar to that of the BMW X5, with hard,
pronounced edges and stuff. But the Q7 looks kind of..meh from the side
profile and rear. Love the front though

itbeokay says:

It looks so ugly, and the proportions just look off

Floris Kieviet says:

It is not a beautiful car…

XtrAMassivE says:

Nice but it’s a shame that the external design is just so bad. I don’t know
the mentality of people who buy such cars, but I would definitely go the

Jānis Šteinbergs says:

When has ever Audi been known for its hard suspension? Not in mainland
Europe, I’ve driven dozen Audi model’s and it’s suspension is far from

Ben Caprara says:

Would much rather have the Volvo XC90 versus this brick of a car.

obsedatr6 says:

Old Q7 had a beautiful exterior,but a horrible interior,and even with the
facelift,they still kept that horrible MMI small display.I wanted to love
the Q7,but I couldn’t just because of that interior.Things are harder this
time,that exterior needs some time,and perhaps with a special color,some
decent wheels,and a sportier package,perhaps it will grow on time,but
nonetheless the interior it’s just pure luxury and in terms of technology,I
think it’s way over that shitty Jag/RR crap,Mercedes Gle and perhaps even
X5/X6…Time will tell how good this q7 is,but nonetheless this Audi’s
technology for the next 7-8 years at least…

888TopGear888 says:

It looks just like the Audi Allroad. Is this from the same company that
makes the R8?

Zac Kirstein says:

So ugly and weirdly proportioned!! It looks like a stretched, lifted A6.
Shame the old Q7 was quite good looking…

Ryan O'Connor says:

Literally hideous…

Sala Sharif says:

Wow this wheels look way too small for an SUV that big :/ EWW & they ruined
the look of the car although I wasn’t a fan of the rear of the old

Senan Poules says:

Am I the only one who think this car looks so bad!

Leonard Kaanduka says:

Thank you for choosing my Country (Namibia), I hope little changes will be
made to fully suit my country terrain.. if need be.

kubek w says:

looks like made in china, terrible design..step backwards

sunsirel says:

Audi’s new design language is not translating well to the SUVs … eesh

M7mmad Basam7 says:

Ugly exterior design

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