NEW 2015 BMW X4 XDRIVE35i M Sport 20 inch Wheels Car Review

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New BMW X4 XDRIVE 35i M Sport with 20 inch Wheels. Glacier Silver Metallic with Black Leather. Loaded. Walk Around. Thumbs Up! Car Review.


Viet Nam says:

without spare tire, going on a run-flat tire, what happen if you’re on a
long road trip and 200 km away from the next gas station? What would you

sp3c14l1st says:

I should go for 35d , nice video!

jsj3727 says:

Why BMW remove the rear fog light on all models in USA? Is it illegal?

Thomas Dobie says:

Wow, amazing combo, love those wheels!! :)
When do you get the ‘i8′ model in?
Plus could you do a review of an X1 xdrive 35i please as I have never seen
one before?
Thanks and keep up the amazing work, always love your videos!

Chevar Fletcher says:

Beautiful car. What is the price on this car Scott?

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