New 425bhp turbocharged BMW M3 tested

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Subscribe to the channel now: This new version of the M3 is the latest in a long line of high-performance rear-drive BMWs, but it’…


WorldSupercars says:

Again a review with 95% of drifting. What’s the point? It’s nice to see but
there’s too much, leave that to Chris Harris, we also want to know how the
car drives… And that means driving it properly, not like a complete
maniac : who is gonna buy an M3 and then do that?

TheHeftyDanielson says:

On thoughts about the exhaust not sounding the same, I found the old ones
kinda bland till they had an aftermarket exhaust on it. Chuck on one this
and I am sure it’ll waken it up. 

Ioanides001 says:

Funny how a lot of viewers look at this and want a more sensible approach
when reviewing an M3 model.

Thing is M3 was always meant to be a hooligan and radical machine, not a
posh, comfortable performance car. They have 335i for that.

I fail to see the point of this M3 model. Why take a 335i and make it a bit
better instead of going full monty and create something really special
instead, like they always did.

Maybe the age of uncompromising sport cars is over and now aspirational is
to drive cars Victoria Beckam would drive. Good thing I didn’t sell my
S2000 then…

NikoBell12 says:

That cabin looks wonderful. However this car is kind of leaving me with
mixed feelings. I miss the naturally aspirated V8, I don’t care if this new
engine is more efficient, I mean… it’s an M car. The exhaust sounds-
okay, I guess. I just hate the fact that they’re downsizing, everybody is.

Also, the drifting scenes look cool and all but I really do want to hear
more about how the car drives, what it feels like.

MrMiamiswaggz305 says:

Don’t listen to the damn germans. 62 in 4.1 my arse. More like 62 in the
mid-late 3′s

Bumphuk says:

Sorry Steve but straight 6 makes a far nicer sound than than the outgoing

Alert64 says:

For me the engine sound is critical, it is the one thing you can enjoy in
every day driving so that is a huge caveat on what otherwise looks like an
excellent M3.

bezor Ta says:

The new benchmark has arrived. I guess it’s back to the drawing board for
Mercedes and Audi. I imagine they increase power or louder exhaust, as
usual, to look sportier than BMW. But it never worked before and it will
not work now, although they are great cars in their own way. They just
don’t have that sharp edge of handling that BMW has. I guess in US some
would think Cadillac has a chance also in this segment.

FIFAracer says:

Come on! Everybody said a m3 shouldn’t have a v8 (last model), now they we
got the r6 back and everybody wants the v8 back…

Alex P says:

i’d have to agree with Steve completely, the whole car is great but the
engine note is just too flat and dull.. was the first thing I noticed in
the video even before he mentioned it. Just like in the M5 & M6 the twin
turbo’s flattened off the V8 sound. Maybe a subtle exhaust (and intake)
modification could help make some more better noise without affecting the
engine tune too much? Im sure its possible.

1seipai says:

Well said, I agree. A true M car should have a naturally aspirated engine!
So it’s not a real M car more a 335 M sport. 

Stefan Dume says:

It does sound too artificial 

KingStivan says:

wtf 4 doors …..

Del Johnson says:

Twice the price of the M235i. Is it twice the car?

ewt415 says:

This is unfortunate, because if what Steve says about the M3 is true, then
this leave enormous space for the C63 AMG and the RC-F to be just as good,
if not better than, the M3.

Dennis Berkhout says:

The new M3 is, as always, a mighty machine. I can’t wait to find out how it
compares to it’s rivals. I do love the engine noise though.

Curt Loesch says:

Could you elaborate a bit on what is lacking in the engine department? From
the video is seems that only the noise that the turbo 6 made was a bit
boring. Is there more to the story?

legendray2008 says:

I have been driving for 13 years and never saw a person driving his/her car
the way these reviewers drive side ways on public roads, unrealistically.
Just saying.

Jay Singh says:

The new M3/M4 is fast as he’ll they made 3.0L twin turbo because BMW is
smart it will give very good gas mph and it’s much faster then it’s
competition the lexus rcf maybe the New M3/M4 doesn’t sound good but
everybody loves the sound of turbo cars and motor trend likes the sound
also the NEW M3/M4 is better then audi rs5 and lexus rcf 

steinarne79 says:

I’m sorry….but all this sideways isn’t much of a review…”Being a much
greener one than before”…While… sideways… It’s not what we will use
it for !! >.>

8150shaf says:

I think I’d still take a C63 AMG over this.

VIPERXP8 says:

What do you mean more power than before? The old one had a 440 bhp engine.

Gangreen167 says:

LOve the car!.. hate the lack of exaust sound!!!

SeaJayBelfast says:

Is it just me that gets totally put off by bmws new trick of putting fake
engine noise through the speakers?
It’s like they’ve reduced the penis size of their cars and are trying to
make up for it by stuffing a sock down there.

Spawn223311 says:

this monster does 34 mpg combined??!! my God

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