New Audi A4 in India road test – OVERDRIVE

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We review the new Audi A4 thats just been released in India (May 2012)


Krunal Rindani says:

Audi has never excited me with their exteriros and interiors. The A6
however is an exception!

M4st3rm1nd says:

you should change the title to audi s4. the a4 is very different

Kelley Wright says:

why is it only being released in india?

ssolanki1968 says:


Chetan Nagvenkar says:

shah ka rutba

rahulgosh1 says:

- ummm tht is because even though the roads are now on par with rest of the
world we have something called a Speed breaker of an certain height and the
cars need to be of an particular height as rural areas dont have or may not
have the best of roads … so Plzz stop criticizing an country that you all
stole so much from

cengeb says:

TaTa not!

sher854 says:

Its funny how audi in india have to raise their car fair amount to deal
with roads

Ashrin Anand says:

Did you find it powerful enough for a bit spirited driving in and around
the city?

suren M says:

I drove the A4 with 143hp on it, the basic range diesel 2.0 TDI one, it was
so nimble and packed with gizmos to vindicate the price …

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