New Audi RS3: behind the wheel of 362bhp hyper-hatch

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The new Audi RS3 is a brute of a hot hatch, boasting 362bhp from its 2.5-litre engine. Read the full review here:


Auto Express says:
Daniel Maia says:

Why didn’t they make a sedan RS3 to go against the upcoming M2?

DIY Car LED Lights Mods Tuning Channel - VW Golf says:

Nice Audi

UzzyFuzzyy says:

I usually hate audi but this thing sounds really good

ellasOLE22 says:

just so people know….the ECS was permanently turned on for this
journalism shoot. Dunno why they did that but it can be fully turned off.
Should really make a huge difference with the track part. Cant wait for
Chris Harris to give it a shot

S Miller says:

It really is an absolute bargain at just under £40,000 if you think about

Juan Manuel Martinez says:

Lots of understeer? I had high hopes on this new RS3, The S3 handles pretty
good so I thought it was going to apply here too. That’s very

I guess the new M2 will blow everything out of the water, sadly it lacks
the practicality of a hatch.

JamesCutter '98 HD says:

Think this is my new favourite hot hatch ever so far, not just the power
but it looks absolutely incredible! 

ReventadorLP1500-2 says:

The ultimate Hot Hatch… until something more powerful comes along. Lol.

schlafanzyk says:

what color is that? primer + clearcoat?

Supersportwagen 15 says:


TheFunkyair says:

already wondering what will be stage 3 version be :)

inchskater says:

I think an Audi S1 with performance upgrades would be more fun. But I guess
other people value the space more..

Rihards Linde says:

Driver doesn’t know much details about RS3. Old RS3 was much quicker than
advertised. It could hit 62 on 4 seconds dead, and 124 in 15.7. So this new
one will be faster.

bb-23 says:

Where would the Golf R400 sit? Above this? Assuming VW are correct that it
will enter production next year?

tavi921 says:

Why no manual?

Norman Wong says:

I wonder if that is a stock color. That shade of flat grey is hot!

Alexander Arndt says:

meh…but the sound is great

ki flex says:

Just fucking Epic!!!

youngprankster94 says:

This is way better than the ugly shitty A45 Shitamg mercedes is so shitty

HesteBremse says:

It´s more than fast enough for most people and a quite good all rounder and
on the design side it is close to a Sleeper for non car enthusiast – Which
I recon is properly the most fun part about having one of these. Not my
favorite car but still I would not mind the keys to one. Design wise it
still keeps it´s proportions very well has not overgrown and remains fairly
compact – It´s not stunning but neither is it ugly in anyway. A well
balanced and super fast compact car that can be driven all year around

Wayne Simpson says:

A dull car for dull people…’wahey, look at me’ pulling away from other
traffic as I come out of Sainsbury’s car park. Typical un-involving,
anodine and let’s be honest; probably unreliable, RS produce from Audi.
Makes a nice noise though.

evo emperor says:

5 cylinder you say? Its sounds like v10 for me

fastestlapsDOTcom says:

This car annihilates its competition with the 5 cylinder sound alone!!!!

Audiwan Kenobi says:

Of course I like Audi but I would definitely get the awd Focus over this. 

Michael Goodwin says:

I knew what this review was going to say before I watched…. even from
Auto Express the verdict is the same. I know Audi are aimed at people who
think that because they watch TopGear they are in fact enthusiasts which is
fine because that’s the market that buys Audi and it makes them money; but
as a petrol head its gutting when the dangle recipe like the RS3 out there
(Practical with a 5 pot engine…) and it turns out to be the most detached
thing since an LCI 320d BMW! I honestly thought they could get it right
this time. Oh well.

Isaac Permentier says:

The Ford Focus RS is going to have 350 hp, not 320 … :)

Mike Liu says:

Always liked the look of the current A3/S3 series. Ride in this RS3 seems
rather stiff though. May get annoying as a daily if you local roads aren’t
super smooth.

Ivo Gievski says:


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