New Audi RS4, Old Audi RS4s, New RS4 v C63. Phew. – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

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We drive the new Audi RS4, try the original B5, the amazing B7 and then match the latest version against the 6.2 litre Mercedes C63.


/Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1) says:

For me it’s the B5 RS4. Squat muscular looks with all the torque you need
to drive very fast without having to wring the neck of the car which on
most roads is is not very practical or safe to do. That said the Merc C63
looks stunning as well but has the slight edge in terms of classyness. But
living in the UK where it rains ‘all’ the time I think it would be
difficult to find opportunities to use its tremendous power without
spinning off in a tree. Audi RS4 B5. An iconic depreciation proof practical

mark lewis says:

Chris please please give up trying to talk about cars. Useless.

FuZionSniperzZ says:

I don’t know why everyone s so obsessed with autos, autos are boring,
manual is what makes driving fun.

vivalaphill says:

mercs are mad for burnouts..End of the review!

Matty Watson says:

Great review on some great Audi’s

bezor Ta says:

@2:54 and again @ 16:00 There you see Audi’s problem with the entire engine
in front of the front axle. Like a revers 911 that induces all that
understeer which only increases with AWD and pushes the car straight in
corners. That same design is found in all new Audi cars (not R8). No amount
of torque vectoring or electronics will get rid of that entirely. They have
great acceleration and go crazy fast in straight line but no drivers car.
They have realized they can’t fix it unless they move the engine back which
they have started. It will take some time as they need to change their
chassis design.

Audi For Life says:
Nodar Svanidze says:

Chris Harris.

Audi RS4-ebi :))))

Duan Dao says:

YES, YES RS4 vs OLD RS4 vs C63 +Audi USA +Mercedes-AMG 

Duan Dao says:

YES, YES RS4 vs OLD RS4 vs C63 +Audi USA +Mercedes-AMG 

John Boyt says:

That C63 sliding around the corners with its ass in the other lane, is a
negative for me. 

AudiDriven13 says:

These are the type of videos that just makes him look stupid. I haven’t
heard one reviewer until now that doesn’t like to be able to control all
the settings in a car.

Kenneth Delgado says:

This Indian dude is a diabolical audi hater. 

Ulco Schrijer says:

Great car review!

Riliwan Sanni says:

I seriously cant wait to get my own +Audi USA car but it’s still a long way
to go

Vuyo Mtoba says:

Chris Harris on Cars. 

saine414 says:

Mercedes wins again :D The best car in the World, from day 1, 10000000
years ago

Nikola Ovcharski says:
Mark Robb says:

I would love an m3 wagon.

H Mack says:

@7:25 to 7:48 he is spot on about Tq!

lulem400 says:

13:40 – start of a huge smile on my face 

2005jgkay says:

c63 is ugly in the back.. or boring I should say

Steve C says:

The newer MMI is easier to use than this car. Just saying.

Ben Jajanf says:

It’s like watching national geographic but about cars.

Douglas Bingley says:

Forward to 12mins 50secs onward for the best car.
Its a matter of taste. If you want silly toys, suspension settings to
confuse a rocket scientist, and silly gadgets, join the other aggressive
testosterone fueled muppets that sit on your rear bumper (assuming they
keep up) get the S4.
If you prefer a proper driver’s car that powers from the rear wheels and
does everything without having to shout about it (apart from the sonet from
the exhausts) then it has to be the C63. See the 507 edition for more kick!

octagonElite92 says:

My uncle took me in his rs4 yesterday, how fast it pulls of the line! And
the sound omds

Zeek Ry says:

What you’re saying is that review three audi s and the winner is the C63
AMG… soo typical nowadays these people review cars.

D4 BCK says:

Since when did all the unwanted negativity wash into the comments section
nearly two years after the video is made? Beyond me… 

Joe Hamizi says:

Audi is all weather car it is built for the road

CruiserZone says:

Does supercharged count as naturally aspirated!?!?

Daniel Liberal says:

You’re surprised that it burns gas???… And you’re the car experts, smh.
You just mentioned it was a V8. Your descriptions upon the two vehicles is
not accurate nor credible. B5 is effortless, but the B7 is better, due
to…? So much nostalgia going on about the B5…I don’t like the
comparisons, or the review made by you….With All Do Disrespect. 

Audiwan Kenobi says:

I absolutely luv my b5 even though its abit… (alot) ruff around the
edges, its a work n progress.

DrJ2042 says:

I want a B5 S4 so bad had to take a a4 2.0t Quattro instead. I swear I
missed out on all the good cars

Kaysan Morgan says:

Circle the wagons and loose the Horse Power.

Khang Erhn Sim says:

An AMG C63 Coupe selling in Malaysia at RM781,888 (US$241,472.51). plus
yearly ROAD TAX at RM16,980 (US$5,243.98) due to the engine displacement of
6.3L. plus compulsory insurance of RM23,456.64 (US$7,244.18) yearly.

rick sprong says:

i have an audi RS4 600HP

MH K says:

Audi is just next to VW. They never catch up with Mercedes and BMW. This is
what I think about Audi.

xingomuxo says:

b5 RS4 is soooo much cooler than the others… I really love it. 

Emmet Dallat says:

What fucking Indian dude :/

Richard Lin says:

Great review. Cheers Chris

fonfobells says:

The Best Or Nothing

daddyshome91 says:

When does Chris drive a rs7 …

Tony Brookes says:

Is he driving the same car as me!? I used to drive a “fast diesel” (a
chipped 3.0TDI A4) and I know for a fact that it’s nowhere NEAR as quick as
my B8 RS4. I had an S4 after the diesel and that was fast. The RS4 is
BIBLICALLY quick…. And you really don’t have to be up it the whole time.
It’s fast period. If you boot it it’s kick you in the back fast…
Personally I love the dynamic steering. It makes it much easier to get
around in tight spaces. And I find the suspension just fine, although I
would agree that the dynamic suspension is VERY stiff! 

Mitchell Smith says:

Do one of these style video’s for the BMW M5!

Joshua Marsh says:

He’s wearing a tire slayer shirt I knew he was a secret hoonigan 

wabaki4 says:

when it comes to amgs mercedes just dystroys any other luxury car out there

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