New Audi TT review

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We drove the new Audi TT on very wet Spanish tarmac. And welcome to our Autoblogger channel. For suggestions, ideas or business inquiries, please send an email to You can…


TheEryk03 says:

You can turn off TC in TTS.

edin cirkic says:

echt een top gozer altijd leuk naar hem te luisteren!

alpha rover says:

For $7000 you can buy the upgraded stage 3 turbo kit for the 265 hp TT, and
increase the hp to 450 rear wheel hp. I think you have to buy a larger air
to air inter cooler / cold air exhaust and a new exhaust system, maybe 3k
Still , for only $ 10K more, it’s faster than a Carrera S with power
package. A real sleeper.
And you don’t worry about it when you take it to get groceries etc. 

Ap0caLyPSe972 says:

Let’s hope they will make a video just for the sound!

Darren Loke says:

Live for once. =)

T-Amsterdam says:

Lijkt me echt een waardeloze auto, zijn er niet veel interessantere auto’s
in die klasse?

Wim Boeren says:

Tja dan had je beter bij de Botlek regio kunnen rijden. Mooie bak wel.

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