New Audi TT S review – genuine sports car or competent coupe?

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Subscribe to the channel now: Is the new Audi TT S more of an engaging, exciting proposition than its predecessor? Matt Prior gets behind the wheel to find out….


MrLalasd says:

They should offer a RWD only version. Less weight + better steering feel.
Also cheaper :).

CarloDelucis says:

3min? Really?

WorldSupercars says:

Autocar oh, Autocar… How’s that even possible that you can’t be able to
properly mount a camera?

David Keogh says:

Hairdresser alert…

ingineous says:

Cant be a proper sports car with a paddle shifting automatic transmission.
Btw… was it me or was it the car that farted at the end of the vid?

Joost van de Kieft says:

Lol, an Audi sportscar that isn’t that ‘good’ as a Golf… I dare everyone
to give an argument why Audi is a good car brand. I never saw it, but now I
completely lost it.

Hugo Fernandes says:

I would have fun with a pair of TT’s…. ;)

The Ghost says:

no. A proper sports car has rear wheel drive and a 6 speed manual

Big Boss says:

this shit is ugly.. 

Dontcallmeshirley says:

so a Golf R lover guy talks but says nothing about the TT-s in a 3 min
“long” “review”. Great video, Autocar…

TheEryk03 says:

Cool that AUDI makes even more neutral handling cars, even on MQB platform.
Amazing car, very sporty and modern interior and Sexy exterior. 

Str8representing says:

TT worse than a golf? Haha Audi plain sucks.

INUMIMI28 says:

2:57 Ooooh, Audi fart

Michael Goodwin says:

Steve Sutcliffe needs to go work for pistonheads. Autocar isnt good enough
for him when people like Matt Prior are working there. Yawn.

Johnny Wrong says:

Slightly more rugged looking, but still with an overpowering whiff of Vidal
Sassoon. ;)

money says:

Audi would have some terrific sport cars if they could just fix the

Shunsui Uchida says:

Release date for this car??


So if I want something more fun to drive, more practical, more rewarding
and for LESS money, I should buy the Golf R….. OK sold.

hondacar says:

Another boring looking car from Audi which looks exactly like the previous
model.VAG is becoming one of the laziest car companies for design.

UzzyFuzzyy says:


Robiul Ahmed says:

GT86 is better.

Jamie Pickles says:

I read about the new Audi TT S in the Issue of Autocar Magazine dated 10th
September which I enjoyed

Guy Davies says:

Is he kryton?

Michele Calò says:

Where is that road at 1:23 ?? My god looks wonderful!

Павел Махнин says:

I don’t believe him, when he says it’ a sportscar :(

mieguistumas says:

Check engine :D Lol :D

Scott Pearson says:

That car pisses me right off.

Ganooster Moppy says:

The sheer volume of complaints on this tt I can only dream of owning a car
like this I would not give a darn about steering feel or rear lift
forgiveness and all that other motoring jargon I would be just ever so
grateful to be able to afford it and take my son for a cruise in it. 

mazdaman1980 says:

Who is this awful reviewer, he is dull, lifeless and has a very limited
descriptive vocabulary. Very poor show Autocar!

mattn5160 says:

Beautiful execution on the interior, but overall the car looks very bland &
uninspired in my opinion. 

Fraser Anderson says:

Oooo .The ideal car for the older gayblade Backs to the wall everyone !!!

Petar Denchev says:

what a rubbish car! Why would anyone bother buying this if it is the same
or worse than a Golf??? There are so many more interesting cars on the

Ronald Jin Ning Cheung says:

No more floor hinged acceleration pedal…

André Ferreira says:

the haldex coupling is connected to the rear diff. so unless it has another
coupling system on the front diff to disconnect it from the transmission
like it does in the rear, it can’t send 100% of the torque to the rear! no
mater how much marketing BS Audi tries to use.
and you can make any haldex based car RWD! just replace the haldex unit
with a fixed coupling and remove the front driveshafts.

SkelletorMartinez says:

Check engine light is on bro

Alexander Burda says:

worst review ever…

HesteBremse says:

I did not like it in Yellow, but thats just personal opinion. Pretty short
review that ended perhaps where it should have started (idk). But it should
be a little better than a Golf R somehow, with the lower set profile and
layout – a TT in my head should be closer to a Boxter. Would like to see it
on Track vs Golf R and perhaps a 3rd contender, The Pegeout RCZ or bring on
an entry level Boxter. Will there be an RS TT ? The Sportiest concept
revealed this year looked very Promising.

netsecurityregulator says:

tt rs please

Ahmed al-neaimi says:

this guy doesn’t know how to do a review for shitt!!

Ian Townsend says:

I’d still take the Golf R over this 

Detmer says:

It should easily outperform a Golf R, if not than its a shitty car…

lhoran says:

Most unconvincing Autocar review I’ve seen in a long time, Sutcliffe please
train the man

Sale_Shark says:

Needs some Driving / Front Fog Lamps for those of us that use it outside
the city !!!
Hope the Diesel S-Tronic version offers them !!!

youngprankster94 says:

Audi produce beautiful cars, sooo much better than the ugly 2 series crap
from BMW loooooool XD

James Cooling says:

How vague was that review?

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