New BMW 3 Series Touring review and road test 2013

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Read the full review When some people think of a luxurious executive car, they think BMW 3 Series. When they think practical executive car…


MegaJasperdog says:

Good car. I’ve got a 330d f30 m sport….Like somebody said before this car
is fully loaded and my god you will pay for some of these options.
Surround view is waste of money in a car this size imo. All you need is pro
nav xenons heated elec seats & sun protection glass. Pan roof is nice if
you can find a used car with one. Reverse camera in my car isn’t worth
having and apps interface is also a waste of time. Stick to the 18 inch
alloys the ride is much better and tyres are a lot cheaper. 

Chilton Turbo says:

whoever mixed the sound is retarded

NeptuneIce says:

Why are you so gentle in the bmws but yet you bashed around the Fiat Panda
and the poor Alfa Mito copped your arrogant side too. You’re a turd and a
chav and I can’t stand you or your gay accent. Stop polluting YouTube with
your crap!!

Robert Norman says:

So many of the amazing features that were harped on about in the review are
very costly extras even on the top spec m sport trim. The car featured
there with all the added features would be over £40000 which is crazy money
and should have been mentioned.

Jake Higginson says:

Would get it just for the windscreen HUD!

Vishnu Prasad says:

@nnxwoyy yep i agree. this is really fantastic. and i can tell u , really
lucky that i registered and got my brand new nissan for cheap price from
this website. its worth a try here >>

Motortorque says:

Good choice!

Rich Wood says:

This is going to be my next car. Toss up between this and the 320d though.

Motortorque says:

I will ask our in-house video team, I am sure they would be up for that –
how could they say no.

Ranging Gamer says:

Not in the snow or when slippy.

John Meadowcroft says:

That’s how an executive car should be, a technological beast on the road.
HUD is gorgeous!

Bruno TaTa says:

The only reason to pay for BMW is the handling. Does it handle well?

Anton Hanley says:

I would normally prefer the Audi equivalent but the A4 Avant does not fare
well against the 3 series touring. Do you guys ever do comparisons? It
would be good to see A4 Avant v BMW 3 series Touring and C Class Estate-
can you do it?

branded says:

Center console is a pain for a adult .

Ranging Gamer says:

I notice when in the winter a MBenz owner always points his car down hill
when parking at home. Because he knows in the morning if the roads covered
in ice or snow…he’s going to be very late for work. As an Audi quattro
driver it doesn’t matter.

Bruno TaTa says:

Each “kick” of the tailgate when your hands are full probably costs the
owner $10.

Motortorque says:

From our experience pretty much all BMW’s are superior to competition when
it comes to handling – especially the 3 series derivatives.

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