New BMW 5 Series Test Drive & Review

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We drive the new BMW 5 series to see how the new remodeled BMW feels in person. The model we drive is the 550i.


gsahrens says:

this guy could sell sand in the desert

Viktors Pogosjans says:


ferinkx says:

Best presenter ever!

German Beales says:

I like the bm5 series, but the bmw 6 series is nicer.

Pawel P says:

RosenthalAutomotive your car video reviews are great and really fun to
watch. Looking forward to your new videos, thanks.


The best car review I’ve ever seen so much personality .

Shashank Kumar says:

This guy is classy as hell…

Walid Masri says:

I love it

Teofilus Tri Yanuar says:


Superblyme139 says:

I think the 5 series has got nice curves

German Beales says:

In reply to blaziankher america had involvement in every war in the globe ?

German Beales says:

The Bmw really is te ultimate driving machine. !

Anthony Lee says:

It can park it’s self?

srk7555 says:

Well… It’s About Time..:) Steve

MrMarcus NYC says:

you make the best video reviews

Deividas Čekauskas says:

I did it for many times :D

dingoklectos says:

German cars are overrated. Lexus had this auto park in their 2007 LS.
Infiniti had 1st rear view camera system. Made in Japan is better! Not nazi

Arjune Ramsaha says:

u knw wat that guy knows how to review a BMW!!damn he’s good!! :) BMW the
best <3

Gladiateur Carthaginois says:

When i see that BMW i get pain in my heart

Sohan Koduri says:

How is it ugly???

Tony Krajinović says:

<3 BMW <3

Jeff Myers says:

You are saying that this interior is not as good as Audi? Look again, BMW
procuces the best interiors in the world while Audi puts cheap ass plastic
in their cars.

Johnny Fonseca says:

best car ever. bmw forever

David Chiu says:

I LLLOOOVEE ur reviews!!!!!

KingBeats Production says:

yes but we made u, so be thankfull for your present exist.

Paweł Kamiński says:

My dream… ; /

MasterOSuspense says:

In Malaysia we have bullshit speed limits. Around 68mph max on highways.

maak says:

how would someone make up his mind between 5 series or 3 series since they
are so similar

király kacor says:

Yes,and I think the European cars is better.The American cars is

Ahmed Abdallah says:


ThePostEdit says:

I can fit a body in the back? sold.

jwjusaf says:

I sold mine 3 weeks after buying it. I LOVED it for road trips, but they
steering was too soft and vague, and the suspension rolled way too much and
didn’t give me confidence. I ended up getting an M Sport 335i. It’s more
what I was looking for, but I will miss having FLIR and the amazing sound
system in the new 5…

Andini Anindita says:

Wow, do you really dislike people who buy BMW?

DevangYPR says:

Getting this car next month :)

srk7555 says:

Thanks a lot. We appreciate the compliment..:) Steve

BathmateSingapore says:

My company’s staffs are watching your videos during work! I kinda
understand it after watching your videos myself. Addictive.

TheUser3105 says:

beautiful style :)

Javier Lopez Araujo says:

BMW – The ULTIMATE Driving Machine!

soap Box says:

What a fucking Dick.

Pvsimjd289 says:

He’s hell of a asshole.

Akshay Amin says:

Very nice review

maganaonline says:

I love that… “People in the back.. ah, who cares!” LOL

Superblyme139 says:

That sexy woman is a bmw

sambaran mukherjee says:

I love the music the photography and “Mr. I can’t complain” guy. I just
enjoy watching his video. Very nice. Love the car as well.

WooItsMel says:

He owns

Zeprius says:

Sir, you are wrong. Real bosses aren’t driven -they drive themselves

Sohan Koduri says:

No way! German cars are so much better. And who ever said that American
cars suck?

utubefanatic233 says:

yep yep

Mujtaba Tarar says:

before watching i can say that this video will be one of best review
because of this channel.

Ethan G says:

I’m american and i think our cars suck. haha German cars are the best!

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