New BMW 5 Series vs new Mercedes E-Class – Auto Express

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Yemi T.O says:

That new E class is soo ugly

raroshraj says:

5 Series has always been greatly reliable. I’ve had one myself for over 10
years now and it still drives likes new!

Kufre Udobong says:

He’s a BMW Butt kisser!

Denis Rodrigues says:

The mercedes look like a car for women, tge BMW is the ultimate mens
driving machine!

Volnik says:

Why are these cars being tested on the track? I wonder how many people will
track their 520D or E220.. And as far as the interior, I feel like E class
has higher quality materials after driving both.

Auto Express says:

The BMW 520d takes on the Mercedes E220


new E > new 5er

Xboxshqip says:

BMW just for the simple fact that they let you kick the car so you can open
the trunk now that is awesome 

Michael Andary says:

E class has a way nicer interior

hwangeruk says:

This guy is a BMW man. The way he talks. Not suggesting he is biased, but
that people normally have a preference. We are not 16 any more, and talking
about speed and cornering is for kids playing top trumps not grown ups. I
much prefer the soft ride of the Mercedes, its more refined, and its more
relaxing to drive. I also get much better service at Merc dealers, than I
do at BWW dealers (and despite what matey says, Merc is cheaper to service
and run than BMW, its not called Bring Money With you for nothing). Both
good cars, but neither is “better” its down to personal preference on ride
quality. Personally, I prefer the more relaxing softer ride of the Merc.

Emir Imamovic says:

its raining..go inside the fuckin car -.-

gamertanafc says:

The e class is like an old mans car

Craig Curphey says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Hen zo says:

They schould do a 1000 m drag race we would see which one is faster

Ddyracer says:

mercedes legroom in the back is considerably better (half an inch but feels
like more). you can actually put your feet under the seat, without scuffing
the top. in the bmw, it feels like a 3 series in the back. front is comfy
enough however. mercedes is prettier.

Souleyman says:

Mercedes is better.

selm ade says:


branded says:

This guy know nuts . 

soap Box says:

Its the BOY RACER Beemer. The mercs a mans car

Vitaly Kutuzov says:

BMWs are nice, but they break down so much more often than Mercs. We have
the 2003 760li and the 2006 760li and there’s always some crap happening to

Mercs, on the other hand, don’t. we have the 2009 GL500, which is quite
reliable, and the 2013 G350, which hasn’t had any problems yet.

My point? Nice as BMWs are, they are too problematic.

louis kei says:

I love german cars with American specs, no e220 here just e350 and e550 v8

Mercedes Benz says:

2014 E-class vs 5 series

This video was posted by Auto Express they have been reviewing cars for a
very long time. Auto Express has many viewers watching there show. There
are a US company and also are very active on social media, such as
Facebook, YouTube, twitter they also post blogs about cars.
This video shows that the 2 most famous cars in the same price range 

Imran Mohammed says:

E class

DimeJune13 says:

Yea, it really comes to personal preference. And personally, I think both
of them are amazing.

Nebin Baby says:

that latest e class is a shit ugly car

Jamaal Afzal says:

my dads got an e350 that merc in the vidio is shit its a e220 shit

Johny Bravo says:

Executive sedan is about comfort and luxury like E class.If you want a
sports car, buy a Porsche.

veliki covjek says:

bmw is better than mercedes e class for all time 

Daban Yaseen says:

BMW is like a car for age 20-40, but the mercedes looks like 40-80

Alijon Halimov says:

Mercedes forever

Zahid Noufel says:

Mercdes is the best

Sihle Mtshali says:

the BMW is just exceptional

Seb Design says:

I’d take the Merc thanks. 

christopher chao says:

This guy is so biased

Brian Arnold says:

I never called anyone a Fanboy, I said to do your research and not just be
a Fanboy, there’s a difference. But you’re clearly a Fanboy (AMGBENZ0)…
BMW 3 and 5 series have been the Benchmark in their class, just like the
Mercedes S class has been in its class. Facts are facts, not a matter of
opinion, BMW vehicles are more efficient as a group, and with like for like
engine it’s BMW. Command drive can’t compare to i-drive, E has a tiny
screen with poor tech, while 5 has top media package, so enjoy your analog
clock! The AMG E63 is marginally better than the M5, that’s 1 engine in the
line-up that’s better compared to all the others. MotorTrend!? What do a
Yanks know about cars anyways… You’re going to start talking about Dodge
Chargers and Cadillacs next… but even them stated that the 3 and the 5
were the car to beat… TopGear!? That’s like watching wrestling, just a
bit of entertainment, nothing factual (Jokes). But just goes to show you’re
the ignorant one my friend, if that’s where your knowledge is based. If we
were talking about luxury, it’s the S class all the way, awesome vehicle!
P.S. The A6 and the XF, are also better cars too.

Big Pete says:

I love this youtube channel! Keep up the great work guys!

omar nabat says:

ho are you too judge ?

Brian Arnold says:

Oh! If the E is doing so well, that they had to do a complete change to the
vehicle (which I like!) when it’s only in its midlife and should just be a
small Facelift… Think that’s just to keep up with the A6,XF, and the 5.

TheAlfaRomeoFan says:

What the hell is with the first 90 seconds? You’d have to play the video at
half speed to get a normal look at all the shots of the cars…

Herbert Hall says:

I prefer the E Class

TheJoeMB says:

Mercedes needed to be bolder with it’s face-lift because the old car didn’t
look great and i’m still unconvinced about the new one. 

buntoro8 says:

the new e-class with those sporty grille looks ridiculously ugly…..

AHMADF93 says:

I dont consider BMW 5 series is classy. The E-Class is classy. However,
both of them are great cars. It’s just the matter of preferences. 

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