NEW BMW M3 with Black 19″ M Wheels Exhaust Sound Review

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Beautiful New BMW M3 in Mineral White with Sakhir Orange Black Merino Leather. Black out window tint. Sweet exhaust Sound! Car Review. Thumbs Up! Subscribe.


Ervis Alibeaj says:

You olves killed those revives bro keep it upp..

Adobe Flash says:

Hey Scott, This one doesn’t have the adaptive suspension package (1000$)
etc . Can your dealership add that or its only from Factory/Germany. Thank
you for showing us this beauty.

Top Cars HD says:

fantastic!! !

drdj69 says:

please let Vanessa know that she got fine legs… and yeah great car.

billystutz55 says:

I should of bought my m4 from your dealership. These chicks are hot! lol

crisis69150 says:

Hello Scott. Thanks for sharing. Are you only working with beautiful girls?
Kiss from France :)

TrendyTithers1900sEdition says:

This spoiler? Is that a sample? Where do we get the full one?

bly3379 says:

Wow dude I wish I could afford one of these, otherwise nice car

BDM Almaida says:

Thankx for shooting these videos man ,can you do a 5 series when you have a
nice one in stock 

Zac rider says:

Do these girls work at this dealership?
If so I’m coming to buy one.

boda taman says:

well Buy :(

Tolga aydogdu says:

75.000 $ very cheap :) in our country 167.841 Euro

briggs713 says:

Nice touch with Vanessa. lol You almost didn’t pan back to the car there
for a second. 

Kingsley Mpofu says:

Hottest M3 I have seen so far

Venkat Sai says:

Nice Videos, but Many reviewers do not like the sound much and they do
think that it is the only trade off with this car. But i like it though.

AlfaWolf says:

Do you always work with the fine girls? Does the m3 come with just black
alloyed wheels?

lord fcker says:


kiftikhar says:

The E90 M3 sounds a lot better

Santiago Del Rio says:

What a masterpiece, beautiful curves, moves like a dream – and the car isnt
bad either.

BMW G says:

is rusnak a bmw dealership? or a model agency! haha scott is the man!

Andrew Sargent says:

Isn’t that Coral Red leather interior?

vikingusa2002 says:

where’s dealer locate?

Ali Ammar says:

Please open the roof in the next sunroof bmw m3

huy huynh says:

Amazing tks for uploading

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