NEW BMW M4 with 19″ Black M Wheels – Exhaust Sound – Full Review

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Awesome New BMW M4 Coupe with 19 inch Black M Wheels! Great Exhaust Sound. Starring Danny our local BMW Genius at Rusnak BMW. Car Review.


Amex Gate says:

Where does the other 30% of parts/assembly come from? Just out of interest.

Walter Palencia says:

I’m very interested in this car. This is exactly what we were looking for
the black 19′ inch rims with the black sapphire metallic paint job. We
might be stopping by this weekend

jaguarjaonzz says:

You gonna have more view Scott ! lol nice video as allways ! do you have
M3 or M4 in individual colors like Tanzanite blue or Azurit black ?

劉博睿 says:

Man it’s twin turbo not those shitty twin power turbo installed in 4

pablo lopez says:

Your video rocks..loves the M4.. can’t wait any longer to get mine. ..

matthew herrera says:

Girl=more views… nice vid btw!!

rebelyell22 says:

orrrr go buy a Z06….

bly3379 says:

I like your reviews, very original

Fusay34 says:

Why do brake disks on these look rusted already??

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