NEW BMW M6 20″ Black M Wheels Exhaust Sound Review

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One of BMW’s Monster Machines! New BMW M6 Coupe. Black Sapphire Metallic. 560 hp 500 in Torque. Awesome Exhaust Sound!! Full Review. Thumbs Up. Subscribe!


Bboy9431 says:

Great videos! Keep up the good work.

דוד חן says:

Oh men hot girl and hot car.. You are the best Kip going amazing cars on
YouTube..good luck from izrel

Fernando Alvarado says:

The bang & olufsen sound system must be impressive, if the Harman/ Kardon
like it to me, i can imagine that.

whssyboi says:

Great video as usual. Quick question I’m you have answered this before what
is your daily driver?

crisis69150 says:

Great Review maybe my next car to replace my 435i!

leeyang1990 says:

i want that girl omg!!!! 

yanke zhou says:

Hey Scott can u pls do one with BMW X5 40D with a exhaust clip too? I can’t
find anything online! 

Emir Ozmen says:

Base price of m6 coupe in Turkey is $334k. M235i is what $111k can buy in

UzzyFuzzyy says:

omg this M6 is stunning :O

Zaira Mb says:

Awesome review, you’re getting better at these. Good incorporation of the
girls, team work…..and cuteness.

Hector Rodriguez says:

I’ll take both please.

AbRaHeM BM says:

blacked out m6 :O

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