NEW BMW M6 Gran Coupe 20″ Wheels Exhaust Sound Review

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Sweet New BMW M6 Gran Coupe in Silverstone metallic with Competition Package! Awesome Exhaust Sound. Adaptive Full LED Lights. 20″ M light alloy Double Spoke Style 601 Wheels. Car review.


joe blow says:

if you purchase this car get ready to shell out lots of $$$$ for

exp100875 says:

This car would cost about $350,000 US where I live and that’s a low

Rick Smooth says:

Keep on letting Trish pull up the cars!

AC1 says:

WOW OMG this car is like rocket ;)

Steven Zhongyi Ding says:

It cost twice as much in China….fuck….license plate cost another 15

Pete Harrower says:

Scott, cute girl is a nice add to your vids :) Would help if she were
micc’d in the future though. Just a thought. Cheers!

matthew herrera says:

I didn’t want check out the m6′s ass more but rather Trish’s… hahaa great
vid again Scott

Fernando Alvarado says:

Here in Colombia that BMW M6 Gran Coupe Cost with less configuration about
US$186.000. plus aditional taxes

southbeach09 says:

This car doesn’t come with the full digital instrument cluster?

AbRaHeM BM says:

beast and best channel

Kujtim Musa says:

I don’t know about the m6 but the 640d is 170 000€ here in Finland.

Jort Rinket says:

one of the most beautiful cars ever made.

Sheelo A. says:

Beautiful car… I’m looking at the 640 gran coupe for my next car.
Hopefully one day move on to this one. 

Sheelo A. says:

This is £90000 base price in the UK. 

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