Part 1 of 2 – 2012 Audi A6 3.0T Quattro Review and Test Drive – Driving Impressions

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Close’s Kevin Gordon gives his impressions of the 2012 Audi A6 3.0 T Prestige Quattro from the road. This video is part 1 of 2 where we cover design…


efthimios says:

Dissapointed in how it sounds? I dont understand some of these reviews.
Your reviewing a 70K high end luxury first- sport sedan..its not supposed
to sound like a mustang.
If im looking at these reviewes i would be interested in an interior db
sound test- to find out which manufacturer is putting in the technology to
isolate noise for the interior. Nothing more dissapointing then spending
lots of money on a big luxury name to have a noisey cabin at highway speed.

MOPAR2U says:

I luv this guy brought my gs305fsport based on his review he’s spot on.

MrBulletpoint says:

Interior dated vs. competitors? Like who? Bs

holdtheonionsplease says:

Get a slightly used Audi, e.g. on carmax, and save thousands. You can get
an A8 with less than 20k miles for $60-70k or an A6 3.0 for $35-45k.

Hewe Aweesomee says:

What happend at 8:10?

iamidiotic says:

ironically, it sounds fantastic from outside

Ranjit Grewal says:

“71K is enormously expensive”? Complete bullshit. I just bought one
yesterday with half the bells and whistles for 120K in india. USA is
cheapest when it comes to road tax on cars. I suggest you do your homework
and find out how much the rest of the world is paying for the same car.

cuzimaluzer777 says:

you mad bro?

TheNorthsides says:

T is standing for Turbo :D:D

proteanview says:

Great review. Never thought the day would come when a Lexus would sound
more sporty than anything. Audi still rules the roost in interiors. I’ve
seen nothing on offer from BMW’s dated dash or Merc’s after-market-looking
double-hump dash that measures up in sophistication, but I guess that’s
subjective. …No, actually, it’s not. ;-)

Autosavant says:

Funny, I was looking through comments and didn’t realize this one was reply
until I logged into the page. Mr. Hender must enjoy a lot of open space in
front of him and then get really mad when people cut him off from the

Autosavant says:

Good call on the long range driving piece, but the Lexus we drove was not
an F-Sport, it was actually an AWD model and you’d never notice the engine
unless you’re standing on it. I will definitely be following up with Audi
for the S version of this or the 7. Thanks for the comment.

Jacinto Reign says:

7:18 i disagree if been in a bmw 545i, in a hyundai i40 stationwagon, Vw
passat (2009) but i still vind audi to have the most fancy interior within
its price class! Ofcourse a bentley mussane and cars like these are much
more fancy but can u mansion a car with the same price tag that has a
fancyier interior? ( sorry for my english)

TheNorthsides says:

Looking a long time for a proper review of a car :D looking to get the old
a6 hope it’s as good as this one :D

cuzimaluzer777 says:

you can get one nicely equipped with same motor and sports package for 53k.
dont buy off the lot when dealing with audi. place an order, get what you
want, pay less.

t3chn0m0 says:

I think it’s a great car. The thing about the Sound is, this cars purpose
is long range driving/cruising. Please don’t forget the the Lexus GS350 was
an F-Sport version, so it has a bit of a harder ride, the sound is sportier
and the steering is more direct. This engine sounds pretty good in the S4
or the Panamera/Cayenne Hybrid. Otherwise I agree totally with you. Try to
get a hand on the new S6/S7 ;).

James Tran says:

hearing you talking a lot about the LED headlight, hoping you could do a
side by side comparison with the HID on the Lexus GS350 you review last …
I appreciated your review by the way.

gmurphyTheStig says:

T stands for turbo but this car is also supercharged aswell

Miro Arlet says:

VW group is weird in their engine coding. T stands for turbo but just with
2.0. This 3.0 have T in name but instead of turbo does have injectors. No
Turbo in 3.0

cdhender says:

You’re one of those DBs that flash their lights in people’s faces? Not
surprised at all.

Jordan Wallace says:

Your reviews are the best on the net. I completely agree the audi interior
is boring. Not ugly just does not invoke emotion like the lexus gs f sport
does. I am also not a fan of the pop up nav because of the glare and youd
think with the “prestige” model you could get black alcantara headliner or
something because that grey color is not fitting of a 71,000 luxury sport
sedan. Thanks for the unbiased reviews Kevin keep them coming!!!!

joshua hammond says:

You’re one of those DBs that drive the speed limit in the fast lane? Not
surprised at all.

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