Part 2 of 2 – 2012 Audi A6 3.0T Quattro Review and Test Drive – Technology – In Depth

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Close’s Kevin Gordon gives his impressions of the 2012 Audi A6 3.0 T Prestige Quattro from the road. This video is part 2 of 2 where we dive deep ta…


badboysdriveaudi says:

One question. Did the sport package beat you up much or was it rather
smooth? I noticed that you said you forgot to take it out of Dynamic mode
and the camera was rather jumpy. It just looked like you felt every minor
bump in the road. I just test drove a 2014 A6 TDI without the sport package
on 18″ rims and it was oh-so-smooth. Scary bit is I quickly got it up to
110 mph and didn’t feel much in the way of driving response. It felt like
driving a limo. Not that I have any experience with driving a limo…

scottanthonymarsh says:

“There has been no crashes” Look out the window mate! 16:50
haha I know he wasn’t talking about that but I just thought it was pretty
funny :) 

moneyCarsGuns says:

Niggling? Find a different word great review but if you slip of the tongue
that one may not end well 

Mark Wainland says:

the best review I have seen. Picking up this car today. Sounds like I
should love it
Nice job on this video

beachbum285 says:

Would this tech package still work well with an Android phone? Also, does
the iPhone connection work with a standard iPod? The new iPhones have a new
plug (big surprise)….

CantillohhCantillo says:

Wow, you put so much effort into this review. It convinced me to buy an
Audi A6 now. Thank you very much.

ProteanView says:

Instant fan – the car & the review

Autosavant says:

Your ears and our ears agree. For $6k it should have a lot more bottom end
available. The subs in it get muddy at even moderate volumes when playing
anything with heavy bass track. The base Audi (Bose?) stereo might not be
as bright, but is a better listen.

keyboarddancers says:

In what way exactly was this review “Booooring!”? This is the most
detailed car review style I have ever seen because it relates to the daily
use of key features of the car’s tech package. Where else can you get this
level of info unless you book some time with a local dealership? Mr Gordon
occupies this otherwise unchecked niche extremely well.

firminization says:

16:49 talking about crashes :-)

parise35 says:

This, together with part 1, is I think one of the most comprehensive auto
reviews I’ve ever seen. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and the
quantity of information presented and even if I knew most of them I still
watched the review with pleasure. Keep up the good work please. I want to
keep watching your videos with the same pleasure as I watched this one.

AIRBUSQ8 says:

Cant see a video about infiniti m56 in your channel :(

DigableDude says:

I think Audi has some of the most striking cars on the road right now, but
I just can’t get onboard with those cheap uninspiring interiors. In fact,
all german car interiors seem to take on that conservative method of

Aman Singh says:

gr8 video man keep it up …………….. ;)

marius883 says:

You didn’t mention how the bang&olufsen system sounds :(

Kamadev888 says:

Very good and detailed review. I would have liked to see how it drives on
rough roads, potholes, firmness of driving etc.

saleheen77 says:

All new Audi-s has lane assist. Whether it is an option or comes in
standard with the car depends on which country you are in. You should also
speak about night vision using infrared camera.

Autosavant says:

Probably not for a while with the new model arriving late this year and not
in the US until 2014.

Mihai71 says:

I see it comes with decent radio selection there! 10:54

Dan Hund says:

You do a good job. I’ve watched this review several times. Thank you.

Rahul Ramakrishnan says:

does the navigation come up in the screen in the dashboard?

kdscott53 says:

Great review Kevin. Looking forward to your coverage of the new 2014 E
Class. Who has the best voice recognition system today if not Audi?

XxHardcorexxGamerxX says:

excellent review! very comprehensive! you should do more of these!! :-D

maxou5757 says:

They are the best in term of quality tho.

SK7 says:


marius883 says:

I was interested to see if you shared my same view on the b&o system, I
heard it in the a7, and in my ears it just lacks power in the low end.

Adobe Flash says:

Hi Gordon, Now that the 2013 a6 is in the market…can you briefly tell me
whats the difference between 12 and 13 ? i plan to go for the prestige 3.0
too but maybe minus the B&O , night vision package .

maxou5757 says:

My mom is looking for a new car and she doesnt know what to buy ! How is
the A6 compared to the 5 series and E class ?? Thanks

derose2026 says:

16.52 he said theirs no crashes… look out the window

Gary King Yiu says:

When will you do a Merc S-Class video?

Autosavant says:

It is because it doesn’t sound great and we have covered it specifically in
other reviews. Take a look at our channel for this and other cars with B&O
systems. We have yet to find one that is worth the asking price.

Adrian Sanchez says:

Best Audi review I’ve seen. Period.

cuzimaluzer777 says:

so if i get one will you come chill with me for a few days and teach me how
to use all of this stuff? jeez i just want a car with 5 wheels and a badass
motor that feels like luxury. anyone make those anymore?

KingsMustFall says:

Its not boring, its informative, this car is built for cruising and quick
travelling! Race videos in the “Vtec”-Youtube corner

Alfred Snyder says:

where is this at? poquoson VA

Roger Meldal says:

In europe the audi A6 have the Audi active lane assist as an option.

Autosavant says:

That is good to know. It makes sense that it would have it. Thanks for the

marius883 says:

Agreed! Appreciate that you take the time to reply man! Keep up the good

Deathstroke94 says:

Best review I’ve seen of A6. Great Job and very in depth.

Autosavant says:

Critical feedback is cool, but make it something useful. Trolling gets you

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