Porsche 911 Carrera S vs BMW M6: Part 1 – Fifth Gear

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Sabine Schmitz joins Tiff in seeing which car is better, the Porsche 911 Carrera S or the BMW M6? Part 2 coming next week! For more fantastic car reviews, sh…


Tuddec says:

They’re not the same segment, the M4 is the competition of the 911.

Simon Crabb says:

400kg difference? Why are these two being compared?

Lewis72 says:

Why aren’t theyy comparing the 911 with the M4 ?

Jonny Oliveira says:

BMW should focus and spend money on research to reduce the chassis weight
instead of spending money on pumping fake sounds throught the cabin

Fifth Gear says:

Sabine Schmitz joins Tiff in seeing which car is better, the Porsche 911
Carrera S or the BMW M6? Part 2 coming next week!

UzzyFuzzyy says:

m6 >>>>>>>>>>.

SuperN0va says:

Oh man, I think I remember seeing Sabine haul a Jaguar S type around
Nurburgring at a record speed. I gotta see that video again. Between
Carrera S and M6, that’d be a tough choice but I guess I’d have to go with
the M6 as a daily driver, Carrera S for track day.

Zachary Ong says:

The M6 should be against the CL63…

Curt Loesch says:

What setting were these tests done on? On or Off doesn’t quite mean
anything anymore. PS. We need to see the BM results with Tiff instead of
the girl driving.

sultanabran1 says:

bmw is 400kg heavier!

Michael Zubritsky says:

What car is “Douchier”? The BMW or Porsche? Hmm…thats a tough one!

Rolf Claes says:

Frau Schmitz wears skirts und pants, she wears it well. 

john kilner says:

oh sabine…ja ja jaaaaaa!!!

Nikit N says:

Nice test!

dickcheese663 says:

yawn…. Corolla vs Jetta or some other everyday cars. 

Tracy Nine says:

I wonder if they were driving an automatic xD

Harjay Yo singh says:

My first comment and like on this video!

emilio seoane says:

Fuck you I want the m6

Lilian says:

~160 HP difference, are you kidding me?

Simon Crabb says:

An odd comparison? Are they even the same class?

julienjjj says:

A sports car vs a land yatch.

BMWgab says:

the driver should be the same for both the cars.
I’ll never get tired to suggest this to fifth gear for these kinds of test.

nstipet says:

Which idiot can compare BMW and Porsche??? BMW don’t deserve that
comparation… M6 is overpriced shit!

SharkUnicorn says:

Once again these retards get on here who never driven one of these cars in
there life and they talk like they have you guys really need to stop your
making yourselves look bad. Btw compare a SUPER CRUISER against SPORTS CAR?
Thats just stupid my z4 would beat the m6 just because of the sharp turns
and lack of straight aways. Once again one of the many reasons I dont watch
fifth gear they do dumb comparisons like these.

S Saini says:

WTF 560hp vs 400hp??

ironcityblue says:

There are plenty of substitutes for a BMW. Porsche is for those who take
driving seriously. 

santrade10 says:

They obviously needed a decent driver that day thats why they didn’t need
vicky .

Mrdfastcars says:

Look up PASM and PSM…fail…..

Carlos R says:

I love you Sabine you are the best.


Nonsense comparison.

Eton Thompson says:

Porsche was, is, now,forever more shall be, the king of the corners. THAT
is what being the Ultimate Driving machine is all about.

ortega t says:

whatever the segment or weight of those beast i believe the M6 can do
better she need to push hard in the corner like Tiff the legend ! 

HighMagnitudeGT says:

I wish Alpina would make a D6

Aspie Otaku says:

They should have tested the M6 against the 911 Turbo lol!

Preetham Mukhatira says:

The M6 is a boat. The M3 was always a fav, but i will never buy a car that
generates fake engine noises. Whats next, people enjoying fake orgasms.

Furness Prime says:

What a cutie she is.

Caelan Bibby says:

You should compare a Panamera to the M6. GT car vs a 2 seater? NO!

Robert Fernandes says:

Sabine and Tiff should get their own show. They are the modern day odd
couple. Thanks guys.

Salvador Tomas says:

A proper sports for track car VS a grand tourer car to carry the golf gear.

Tom Teubner says:

Sabine Schmitz joins Tiff in seeing which car is better, the Porsche 911
Carrera S or the BMW M6? Part 2 coming next week!


The BMW M6 its stunning

youngprankster94 says:

How can you even compare these cars?????? The Porsche absolutely shits all
over the filthy BMW!!! Porsche over BMW anyday :))

Scott Campbell says:

I can drive the m6 at the corner going 80 mph


M6 shits on that ugly porsche

Neo Quello says:

That cheezy, horrendous music in the background ruined it for me.. Thumbs

Dre Ray says:

M6s are expensive in the UK, For that price you could get a brand new GT3.

TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

why do you give us this old footage?

Scott Campbell says:

m6 owns joo

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