Porsche Macan v Audi SQ5 v BMW X4 | Drive.com.au

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Sam Hall looks at whether a two-tonne diesel SUV can be classified as a performance car. Read full review: http://www.drive.com.au/new-car-comparison/perform…


Cthis says:

I thought the guy was going to be hit by the SQ5 1:12

Greg Laurence says:

X4 should come with dark sunglasses. To darken the view of its hideous
exterior. Good gawd that bmw is ugly. 

Turdeanu Stefan says:

A Bmw X35d would eat the Macan and SQ5.
Even in this video the X4 had the 30d engine, still was faster :)).
I like the X4 and the Macan same, probably i would go for the Macan too,
because it is a Porsche, PDK and with a little chip-tunning you can bump
this thing over 300HP easly and with waranty ;). And it is more exclusive
too, i think it has by far the nicest interior, but BMW isn`t bad too.
The Audi is, i don`t like to say dated, but it is not at the same level
with BMW and Porsche at the moment, they need to bring a new SQ5 or

Bawan Taeeb says:

Lol at the SQ5 moment, I was like damn that was close :D

NZsarge1 says:

Yeah agreed, truth be known I’d go for a Petrol Macan.

Hendrik Sild says:

X4 was 30d model with 258 horses , the 35d is 313 horses , it will walk
them easly.

George Paraskevopoulos says:

porsche for me. the best of the three

NZsarge1 says:

Off the top of my head I’d go:
1. Porsche
2. Audi
3. BMW

RED RUM says:

Macan for me!!

Petar Dimitrov says:

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