Porsche Macan v BMW X4 Review: Potent Petrol SUVs under $100k

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http://www.caradvice.com.au/301569/?yt_desc – Read the full review here. Spending $100000 on an SUV is becoming an increasingly common occurrence in Austral…


1aptx4869 says:

You have to be a madman to choose the X4 over the Macan. The Macan is just
too perfect IMHO

Xezatt says:

There are just way too many BMWs on the road these days, pretty sick of
them. For the similar price I’d go for the Porsche.

dominictrnexus says:

Poor decision making . They didnt really have good reasons why the porsche
is better … . Not very objective ….

Arild Manuel says:

Amazing and such creative way of reviewing/comparing cars. Keep it up guys

MaZEEZaM says:

both ugly arse vehicles, much like a fat ugly version of a car, how can
they even suggest they are an SUV :S OMG $90k, get a real 4WD

Super Lou says:

The x4 has the ugliest grater mesh I have ever seen. Did the rip off the
tooling for making ruffles potato chips?

Tony Tan says:

you’d be nuts to buy the x4 over the macan at the same price point.

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