POV Review – Audi TTS

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Join me, point-of-view, as I review my own 2010 Audi TTS. I guide you round the exterior and interior features, as well as driving the car along some country…


S Miller says:

absolutely love your videos and your tts, theres something about it that I
cant put my finger on. Its the same with all the S models, would pick them
over the RS ones anyday. Any chance of a new car in 2015 at all or…?

Michael Smith says:

Seen Through Glass > Top Gear^^

Benz Friendz says:

Brilliant Thank-you. Are you gonna modify your tt in anyway (exhaust,
wheels etc)? ill have a think for a name for your car lol.

WiZe1972 says:

Just discovered this video and your channel, cool! Check my channel for a
gopro ride with the 2014 TT 2.0 T. 

Shagar Miah says:

For some reason I thought your car was purple from your other videos, does
look good in black 

Ross Larkin says:

I discovered you a few weeks ago , think you have potential , , just keep
goin you’ll your subscribers , don’t give up ! Way more character than
shmee150 and Lord aleem . 

ThatGuyNamedScott. C says:

The dial swoosh doesnt happen on all audi models ;) I had to modify the s6
to get it ;)

adit rafianto says:

ALAKAZAM !!!! Omg i can’t stop laughing !!! XD 

Peter Wisniewski says:

A – wash your bloody car before “reviewing” it
B – you have no clue about car, even your own
C- your voices are not funny!!!

Ps nice car

TheWiseFire says:

You need to upload more. Just upload more, more footage from your Google
Glass, and capitalise quickly on how you’re doing a unique thing with
Glass. Keep uploading more, and this Channel should go up.

Fahim Miah says:

Great Review!!! 

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