Radical new BMW i8 hybrid sports car driven

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Subscribe to the channel now: http://smarturl.it/autocar BMW claims its new i8 blends hybrid frugality with authentic sports car thrills. Steve Sutcliffe tes…


David Lawman says:

3 Cyls, 1499cc for $140,000 USD. Sure bring it on.

slabsides1 says:

Wow. I’m not a BMW fanboy but this car blows me away. Especially the fact
they did it for under $100,000. It’s less than a loaded GT-R or Stingray
Zo6. I can’t think of a car I’d rather have right now for under $100,000.
Definitely best new car of the year.

Fix Auto Broxbourne says:

*Ten reasons why the BMW i8 is such a significant car*
Anyone who thinks the *BMW i8* *is a folly in the history of the sports car
might well think again once they’ve driven it* Here’s why

Full details *Autocar* http://ow.ly/zhsMm

#bmwi8 #motoringnews #hybridcars 

H0micidium says:

I still not getting over the fact, that the i8 is basically shitting out a
911 out the back @ 0:19

Hoc Ly says:

BMW managed to make their 3 cylinder hybrid sound better than both their
flagship twin turbo V8 and twinturbo straight 6 on the M5 and
M3……..BMW, you confuse me so..

hyylo says:


KelvinSmoke says:

got totally bored and lost interest after about 3 min. too long.

Johnny Wrong says:

If BMW can make a 3 cylinder sound so good, beats me why their M3 needs the
video game soundtrack pumped in to give it a decent sound. The M5 only
needs it cos of excessive insulation.

TheCarxpert says:

Get a Jag F-Type R and have a permanent smile on your face instead.

Dontcallmeshirley says:

so we live in an era, where 1500+ kg is considered light ? Mclaren F1 was
400 kg lighter with a 6.0 liter V12 in 1992… And the Golf 1 was 800 kg
in 1974… Lightweight my hairy @ss…

Aaron Walker says:

Seriously, the only reason journalists/people are getting all wet in the
@ss for this car is purely because of the brand; Is it surprising that BMW
can make a hybrid? This is no technological advancement; Toyota Prius &
Chevy Volt have been doing it for years now, so how’s this the future? It’s
all been done exactly the same way already, come on, with this emperor’s
new clothes BS!

JaySee5 says:

I want to know how that sound is coming out of a I3 turbo. I suspect some
speaker wizardry a la M5.

Ioanides001 says:

Porsche should be scared. I don;t see how they won’t lose market share
because of this car. It makes a 911 look so last year…

Hanswurst Mustermann says:

If the i8 had (at least) a straight-six engine and sportier tires I would
like it.

Chrisuu says:

I would love to ride my bike along these roads, when I go to England next

Chris Juarez says:

It truly does take huge manufacturers forever to implement something as
“complex” as this hybrid does.
There have been a few comments relating this car to a Prius and volt. To be
honest, they’re absolutely correct.
About the only thing “revolutionary” this car brings is mass production of
carbon fibre. Which I think is what chewed up a lot of the R&D in this car.
I’m sorry, but 100g’s+, I would still take the model S. Not only faster but
vastly more practical. It would eat this thing for lunch! Without consuming
a drop of gas.
We’re only a few months away from their model X to start making the rounds.
And then the bomb will drop when the model 3 makes it’s debut.
The rest of these car makers better get their stuff in gear. Tesla is
coming for everyone!

espperre says:

I don’t think Steve mentioned the 918 even once in this video, only drawing
parallels—multiple times—to the LaFerrari, and even more curiously the 911.
Now Steve has probably forgotten more about cars than I’ll ever know and
has driven more super-cars than most of us can even imagine sitting in, so
I can only assume that was a conscious decision on his part, and with
reasoning behind it. Just not sure what that reason was. 

jack thorpe says:

This is an important car, but fuck me its ugly 

xMeRk says:

BMW sure love to make fucking UGLY cars. I don’t give a damn how Eco
friendly it is it looks absolutely idiotic and ugly, like the i3 and the

arturoicetre says:

Gta Jester

1seipai says:

This is all very well but what happens when the batteries run out? Imagine
the replacement costs! No thanks. 

giorgio armani says:

wanna be Audi R8

Electric Cars says:

Radical new BMW i8 hybrid sports car driven – http://buff.ly/1oYvXlB

Tom Macgillivray says:

I’m actually starting to like this car

abbed Idriss says:

Listen to that synthetic racket.

Luth Danial says:

Is it PHEV ?

Legitafulgamer says:

0:18-0:20 Corvette Stingray C7 IS the best value sports car. 

Tony Teichroeb says:

I’m actually excited for the i8. Face it, sooner or later this is going to
be what happens on all sports cars. BMW is simply getting on board early
along with the 3 super hybrids. I think of the i8 as a hybrid r8 with
skinny tyres and more road focused (for now)

What I find funny is in about 5-15 years people are going to modding these
to be faster than “fast cars today” this thing is keeping up with 911′s
m5′s, S’s and a few AMG’s for crying out loud.

Oussama Erraji says:

this bmw is defining a new idea of what a future sport car should be
capable of, in 50 years time we will be looking back at it as a pioneer

Tony Akinremi says:

Interesting comparing this to the Ferrari La Ferrari.
Similar performance with a much affordable/cheaper price.

holnrew says:

I’m in love. The looks, the tech… It’s like a futuristic wet dream. 

Andreas West says:

What a great hybrid sports car BMW has produced. Check out this test of

#hybrid #bmw #sportscar 

tg72211 says:

Car reviewers need to be far more cynical. They shouldn’t be saying that
steering with no feel is good enough or that an understeery car handles
well enough.

YazeedSaber says:

Sounds really good!

dailyforman says:

it is giving birth to a porsche 911

SPMNDK89 says:

Man I wish they would stick the old E60 M5 V10 in this thing. That S85
engine is the antithesis of hybrid but in terms of raw performance, I can
imagine it dusting an R8 no problem.

Pasxali K says:

Skinny tires, tho. What are those? 235mm width? 240 max, isnt it?

ewt415 says:

Porsche 918 and Ferrari LaFerrari technology for under 100,000? That’s
quite the bargain. It’d be interesting to see how this goes up against the
NSX hybrid that will come in the future.

Nohuevos Noglory says:

Such an awesome car, except for the pig that is driving it

MutantAli3n says:

Ugly back

eroliz79 says:

amazing how 3 cyl motor can sound better than new m3, m4 and m5 all together
looks better too

cypriotpilot says:

now that was a great review by Steve. The i8 is an incredible driving

monsterdare says:

it looks marvelous

stoppsi says:

Has a naughty flat 6 sound about it

Johnathan Commodore says:

BMW should put a small block V12 and quad turbo engine,make it work on 6
cylinders for economy and all 12 for full performance.This 3 cylinder
hybrid is a copy of nissan zeod plane shape car.Good copy BM.

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