Real Videos: 2013 Audi S5 – Living with a Sports Coupe Review

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In this Real Video, the Real Review we hope in and drive the 2013 Audi S5. There is no doubt that Audi knows how to make a sport coupe, but how has the refre…


Minka Kelly says:

why are you holding the shifter? It’s an automatic…

CaptainSprinkles1985 says:

Couple things I think are missing from the audi s5. Remote start and all
around led lightening. I can get remote start on a Hyundai and the
yellowish interior lights give it an older feeling. Still a beautiful car

Bill Espenshade says:

This is the girl version . I own the V8

akwardrhino says:

The moonroof doesn’t slide back because the car/roof isn’t long enough…..

Alan Alban says:

333 HP Just like the E46 M3

BALOO6982 says:

wtf ….90% of the video is just this guy

Dave Lopez says:

less dude, more car.

biggy D says:

nice review but this guy speaks way too much

Jossue Angel says:

I usually don’t comment on videos, this guy just looks like a fucking
asshole. I don’t like him, you can just tell he’s not a nice guy and
doesn’t want to be doing the video. #Asshole

Bill Clinton says:

where would the sun roof glass go back on a coupe, maybe not enough room?
my guess is thats the reason they cant have it slide back

Real Auto Reports says:

What is the 2013 Audi S5 like? We have a Real Video, the Real Review
discussing just that. Check it out!

xMrPopeyex says:

Flappy paddles? Ekspecially?
If you are going to be an auto journalist, you need to #1-be literate, and
#2-know what the hell you’re talking about.
This dude needs to be an accountant, not an “auto journalist.”

xXthewigglerXx says:

Why are you holding the damn shifter if its auto matic and bro its a dual
clutch. Dang so much talking

MalePregnancy says:

Good Review! Only thing I miss is the front camera view, I guess your’e
using a GoPro – so please make some of the front camera view! 

SGDuggan says:

This car does NOT have an automatic transmission. It’s a dual-clutch.
Dude, did you do ANY research on this car before you reviewed it?? How
can you even consider yourself qualified to do this review? The constant
fumbling for terms, not knowing what the flat-bottomed steering wheel is
really for, etc etc etc. Yikes dude.

Mrjack45241 says:

Awful reviewer. 

chicolatinochevere says:

0-60 miles in 4.9 seconds very nice v6 car

ILE235 says:

Beautiful car! Love all S line Audis!

ROFLcopter says:

Does the S5 make the “BLOOP” sound everytime you shift? I know the RS5 does
but I don’t know if the S5 does too.

gulfmen86 says:

Thank you for a real response. Looks like you know your shit when it comes
down to cars lol.

Eduardo Costa says:

awesome review!

Calaghi says:

How is the Audi’s DCT unique?

葉辰 Leslie says:

is rs5 much faster than s5 from 0-60 kilometers ?

ThirdLife86 says:

I totally have to agree about the MMI System thing. My first choice was an
F30 335i xDrive BMW, but the iDrive was really difficult to understand
compared to the S5 Sportback that i drive now. Its just so much more
self-explanatory. I cant wait until a reflash gets available for my 2013
Model. 420hp should propel this thing like a rocket.

edgar5001 says:

I’ve heard AUDIs have alot of electrical problems… did you have any
problems? have you heard of people having any problems with owning an AUDI?

CR7vaporz says:

Solid review, covered basically everything. Love the look of it, except for
the side profile which looks too bland and boring compared to the front
fascia and rear.

bighec15 says:

Dam no sunroof! I live in fl

Marius Tinta says:

great car :x. i have 2008 model… love it :)

jbdadizzle says:

genesis coupe has 348 hp and its only 38k fully loaded

gulfmen86 says:

the Gtr has less power and its a V6 yet it beats the R8 which has more HP
and is a V10.

mExIcAnSiNcE1991 says:

I have two

JShamable says:

I really love the MMI system. However, I do see reviews saying that
Mercedes’ system and BMW’s system are better. I have used the Meredes
system and I found that pretty hard to use because you do have to navigate
thru each row and column (learning curve perhaps). The Audi MMI makes good
use of the four corners so after a while you know which corner to hit.

Christian Andersson says:

I´m jealous.

mariank says:

Thanks for the review. I’m waiting not-so-patiently for my cabriolet to get
here and taking the edge off by watching the reviews.

Valentine Anochili says:

is there an echo?

Real Auto Reports says:

@tilmonr, apologies for the tardy response! This car had the MMI Navigation
plus option as part of the $6,650 S5 Prestige option group. Thank you for
the question!


I don’t get it; why don’t europeans all buy supersports cars like Bugatti
Veyron if your highways have no speed limit?

PersianBoyShayan says:

Really good review, DSG ftw :)

TeK RaVeN says:

Thank you for the reviews on these beautiful machines keep up the good work.

Edgar jimenez says:

great review,cant wait to go buy my own once i get out of boot camp.

harinderbatar says:

Is it just me or does he look a little awkward in front of the camera. Good
review overall, just watch your hand gestures and body movement. Keep it up.

gouda50swiss says:


Sidak Singh says:

who says they can’t? ;)

John Howard says:

Nice review. It’s no mystery why the coupes don’t have sliding sunroofs –
there is nowhere for it to slide! I can see that in your video.

Raj Sinfh says:

I have one

gulfmen86 says:

Is this faster than the M3?

AreEssScape says:

M3 is not the direct competitor to the S5. RS5 – M3 coupe S5 – 335i coupe

stickdiggler says:

2013 s5 owner here, the reason the sunroof doesnt slide back is because the
roof isnt big enough to accommodate it, if it was then it would take away
from the styling of the car and/or making it longer and bigger and heavier

Shannon Suber says:

yes there is, there are coupes that have sunroofs that slide on top and
back instead of the traditional way of sliding into the roof. it looks ugly
but can and has been done on other vehicles. Google it.

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