Real Videos: 2013 BMW M6 Review with $8,000 Ceramic Brakes

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Here we are with another Real Video, the Real Review featuring the 2013 BMW M6. What can we really say about this 560-hp sports coupe from BMW? Once you get past the sheer excitement of the…


Beau Braekeveld says:

The ceramics are with gold calipers´╗┐

Reaper says:

Those are not carbon ceramic brakes asshole!´╗┐

Real Auto Reports says:

We would have to go back and check the recording date, but we believe that
was May…and yes it can snow all the way into June in Colorado :)

Robert Smith says:

Say I wanted to buy a zl1 and the car sticker price was 56,000 if I brought
them 50,000 do you dealers would accept that. Thanks

Real Auto Reports says:

Very possible. It depends on the dealer and what they are willing to do to
close the sale. It also depends on the demand in your area for that
specific car. As they say…can’t hurt!

shihster88 says:

the brakes on the car are actually steel. Ceramic rotors aren’t that shiny ;)

Lax Mawrence says:

you had a foot of snow in June??

Scott E says:

Good review, but can’t stand BMW they are so boring.

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